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Broken Garage Doors Are Dangerous


Garage Door Won't OpenGarage door won’t work? Once you’ve ruled out common causes like a dead garage door remote, consider calling a professional technician for help. Most repairs for a garage door are simple, quick, and affordable. But if you leave the issue as is, it could become worse and may result in expensive damage. It’s almost always better to have a technician correct the problem instead of waiting it out.

And remember, if you want to prevent problems altogether, consider having a technician inspect your door and perform tune-ups a few times a year. Problems that are detected early are usually much more affordable and easier to fix.

DIY Garage Door Dent Repair Made Easy

Aluminum doors don’t require much maintenance, but they do dent easily. Fortunately, there is a pretty handy DIY repair trick to fixing those dents in your garage door. Wash the dented area thoroughly with dish soap and allow the area to dry. Cover the dent with high grade aluminum foil. Light a lighter and run it back and forth across the aluminum foil. Next, remove the foil and spray an upside down can of compressed air across the heated portion of the dent. Carbon dioxide is the main ingredient, so make sure to hold the can upside down. The drastic change in temperature will cause the aluminum to pop back into place, usually in about two minutes.