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Eliminate Noise with Garage Soundproofing


Garage Door Insulation - Why It's ImportantWhether you’re looking to start a garage band or you’re an at-home mechanic, soundproofing your garage can be a great way to remain friends with your neighbors. The level of soundproofing you need will depend on what you’re doing in the garage.

Using Sound Proof Blankets & Insulation for Your Garage

The first thing you’ll want to look at would be your garage door. It’s the largest opening in the garage and most sound will escape through it. If you’re using an old door, it may be time to buy new garage doors. A triple-layered steel garage door would offer superior sound isolation.

If a new door isn’t in your budget, you can keep costs low with some DIY insulation kits. You can find these in your local hardware store. They’re typically used for temperature insulation but the Styrofoam variety can help with reducing sound.

If you’re playing music in your garage, you may also want to consider some type of sound-absorbing blanket because sound bounces off floors.

For those who have windows on the garage door or side door, you can replace them with insulated windows or temporarily hang sound-absorbing blankets over top of them. This also works for your walls and ceiling.

An even cheaper option than sound absorbing blankets would be to use moving blankets or carpeting. It may not look as nice, but it’ll help reduce the noise.

How Often Is Garage Door Maintenance Needed for Businesses?

If you rely on a commercial garage door for your company, you might be wondering if and when maintenance is needed. The truth of the matter is that commercial doors can be a serious hazard – much more so than a garage door on a residential home. Your employees are frequently opening and closing the door as well as walking underneath it. These doors are extremely heavy – hundreds of pounds – and can seriously injure or kill someone. If you haven’t scheduled maintenance, you should do so as soon as possible. To help protect your business from liability issues and keep your employees safe, we recommend once per month maintenance for commercial garage doors and tune-ups from a professional technician.