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Fixing and Maintaining Your Garage Door Sensors


cleaning the photo eye sensor on garagae doorWhen your garage door reverses on itself or refuses to complete a cycle, chances are you have a problem with the sensors. The optical sensors found at the base of your garage door are used for safety purposes by preventing the garage door from operating if there’s an object in the way.

Over time, these sensors can become misaligned and dirty, which result in problems opening the garage. If you’re having a problem with your sensor, following these steps can help get it operating correctly.

  1. Clean the lens on both sensors with a microfiber cloth, being careful not to scratch the lens. You can also wipe down the entire unit, which is probably quite dirty if you haven’t maintained it.
  2. It’s common for sensors to become misaligned over a period of time. Adjust the bolts holding the sensors until the LED light remains on and steady, indicating correct alignment.
  3. While this may seem obvious, make sure to move any objects near the sensors. They’re sensitive, and if there’s an obstruction near, your door won’t open.
  4. Inspect the wires behind the sensor boxes for signs of damage. These small wires are fragile and can easily become damaged.

If you’re still experiencing issues, then the sensors may be faulty and require replacement.

Estimating the Cost of Garage Door Replacement in 2017

Garage door prices in 2017 can vary significantly depending on the type of door you choose and where you live. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a simple panel to thousands for a sturdy steel door. Most sites report an average cost of $1,000 USD. If you’re located in the Sacramento area and are concerned about cost, give us a call at 916-442-7243 for a free no-pressure quote on the cost of replacing your door. We’re happy to work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs and budget.