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Garage Door Lifespan: When Is Replacement Needed?


How Long Do Garage Doors LastAccording to an article posted by Today in 2003, researchers found that the average lifespan of a garage door is 30 years – but only if you take good care of it.

And this is true, most garage panels are sturdy and can last for a long time – often longer than you plan to live in the home!

However, there are many reasons why you might want to consider a new garage door instead of relying on an older one. Some garage doors are poor at insulation, which will lead to increased heating and cooling costs for your home. It only takes a few years for these expenses to add up.

Another important thing to consider is that some garage doors older than 1993 may not have auto-reversal mechanisms installed. These doors are unsafe and should be replaced immediately.

If you’re considering a garage door replacement, you might also want to look at it as an investment and not a cost. A 2016 realtor report found that garage doors have an 87% return of investment – one of the highest ROI’s of any home renovation.

If you do plan on keeping your current door for as long possible, make sure that you perform frequent tune-ups and safety inspections to keep it functional.

Who Can You Rely on to Fix and Service Storefront Doors?

Replacing the door to your storefront is not something you do every day. You might not have a regular repair service to call since you haven’t had to do it since the 1990s. Like any many things in life, rely on your gut instinct. Pick their brain a little. Do they know what they are talking about and have other businesses in the area relied on their services? Are they someone you can trust, or are they really just after your credit card number? Are they fly-by-night, one of those shops that set up business, milks some mediocre service off people, and then heads off to the next town? How long have they served the area and what core group of customers have they served?