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Red Flags to Look for In Garage Door Repair Companies

What are the red flags for a disreputable garage door repair company? The first thing to avoid is a company that doesn’t have a known address. Fraudulent businesses typically advertise phone numbers, but don’t have an actual address. They could just be working out of their own garage and have a professional number established (often routed to a track cell phone), but offer nothing but shoddy work.

Look out for high pressure sales tactics. If the company is pushing you to make a quick decision, be cautious. Don’t take the bait. Get a second opinion.

Watch out for door to door services. Great garage door repair companies wait for you to come to them, not vice versa. Garage door repairmen shouldn’t act like Bible salesmen.

Look out for companies that demand pre-payment. A good company will only accept payment upon completion of the job. And avoid paying in cash, and of course, always get a receipt.

Local Service Means Better Customer Service

Look out for a company that isn’t local enough to invest in its own reputation. Fly by night companies often prey on large metropolitan areas where they don’t have to rely on customer satisfaction to make a living. Sac’s Garage Door Repair, on the other hand, is a local company serving the Folsom and greater Sacramento area. We not only thrive on customer satisfaction, but 100% guaranty it.

Garage Door Repairs You Can Do Yourself

There really isn’t anything in your home that gets as much wear and tear as your garage door. When it works properly and is in good shape, it’s a security feature of your home that’s convenient to use. When it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare. There are a number of repairs you can make to your garage door yourself using simple household tools. About once a year, take a white lithium spray to your chain or opener screw. It will not only help the door open much more quietly, but will also extend the life of both your chain and your opener. You should also polish up the photoelectric eyes occasionally to ensure they still connect.