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Garage Door Weather Stripping for Homeowners


Weather Stripping

How’s your weather stripping looking? Admit it — you probably have no idea.

Garage door weatherstripping is probably the most overlooked garage door repair. In fact, very few people replace it as often as they should. And that’s a shame because cracked and brittle weatherstripping doesn’t work very well.

Also known as the garage door bottom seal, garage door weatherstripping is the thin rubbery sheet of material that runs along the base of your garage door. It’s designed to keep out water, leaves and other debris during heavy storms — like the kind we get in Sacramento, California.

The good news is this is a very easy DIY garage door repair. You can do it yourself for a few dollars in supplies you get at your local hardware. The entire repair can be done in a couple of hours on a weekday afternoon.

Why is it so important?

First, it’s important to understand that your garage door is not flush with the ground. That means that there’s a small gap underneath your panel that allows outside air, rain, and other debris to enter the garage.

A weather strip helps seal this gap and prevent outside debris from entering the garage.

However, because this strip is made of rubber, it becomes damaged and worn out over time. In fact, a weather strip can get worn out in as little as one year. When your weather strip is worn out it can cause a few problems.

For example, without a weather strip on the base of your overhead door, the inside of your garage can quickly become filled with dirt, dust, and other debris. Even if it’s not visible, the dust build-up can quickly accrue over time on not just your floor but all over everything you have inside the garage!

In addition, heavy rain can lead to flooding in the garage as well.

Other potential issues include poor quality entering your garage and consequently your home as well as insulation issues. If cold or hot air seeps in through the gap, then it could lead to increased heating and cooling costs for your home.

And finally, your weather strip also helps block out noise and keep your garage quiet.

In summary, replacing your weather strip every few years is important, so keep an eye on it and buy a new one once you begin to notice signs of wear.

How to Replace a Garage Door Trolley

Does your trolley carriage move but your garage door won’t open? Most likely, you’ve got a broken trolley. This job is much easier if you first start by clamping the chain down to the rail. This will keep the chain out of the way and make this repair much simpler. Next, separate it from both sides of the trolley. Remove the old trolley and slide on the new one. Reattach the chain. Most likely, you’ll need to adjust the chain tension so that it’s tight enough. You can purchase a new trolley for about $25 to $40. The procedure is essentially identical for both belt drives and screw drives.