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Garage Door Won’t Open? The Most Common Reasons Why


Usually, garage doors work so beautifully we tend to take them for granted — like water out of the faucet. You push a button and a several hundred pound door goes up and down, granting instant access to your garage at a whim. A garage door opener is the epitome of convenience.

But when a garage door doesn’t work properly? Then you’re life comes crashing to a halt. You can’t get your car out of the garage to get to work, or you can’t properly secure your garage against the threat of thieves or intrusion.

Think about it. Your garage door is the biggest door in your house. And inside your garage are literally thousands of dollars in sports equipment, power tools, lawn mowers, etc.

If your door refuses to open or close suddenly, stay calm. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door service — anytime of the day or night. We understand how critical garage door repair issues can be. And we’ve got your back. The first thing you should do is call us.

Why is Your Garage Door Broken? Common Causes

There are many reasons your garage door might not be working. Often, the problem is quite simple. You could have a technical issue with the garage door opener. You might have an obstruction. Perhaps a key garage door part is worn out and needs replaced.

Broken Springs

Garage door springs only have so many life cycles — the number of times a garage door can go up and down before the spring breaks. Eventually, your springs will need to be replaced. If you don’t regularly inspect your springs and spot them wearing out ahead of time, it can sometimes catch you off guard. And while spring replacement is a fairly typical garage door repair, it’s not something you want to try yourself. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension. If they should suddenly snap, they can cause serious injury. Always rely on a professional garage door repair company to repair your springs.

Misaligned or Missing Photoeyes

Legally required on all garage doors post 1993, photoeyes are two sensors located at the bottom of the garage door that transmit an invisible signal to each other. If this signal is interrupted by a running child, a beloved pet, or a bike that’s been left underneath a door, the door will instantly reverse itself. Occasionally, the photoeyes may become misaligned. One may fall off and be missing. Sometimes dust, dirt or other corrosion can also affect the sensor. This is a fairly simple garage door opener repair that only requires realigning the sensor, cleaning it, or replacing the sensor itself.

Wear & Tear

Your garage door is an appliance — the biggest one in your home. It has intricate moving parts that wear out over time. Rollers crack. Hinges get rusty. Eventually, these parts will need to be replaced. This is why periodic inspections of garage doors are so critical to repair. If cracked rollers are ignored, or critical parts of your garage door seize up over rust, it will cease to function or at least not open as fluidly as it once did.

Door Off Track

This is a fairly common repair problem with garage doors that’s usually easy to fix. But whatever, you do — don’t force open the door. This can cause critical damage to both the door and the track itself. Then a fairly inexpensive repair job becomes several hundred dollars. The track can be realigned — you might even be able to do it yourself depending on the severity of the problem. If it’s beyond your skill level, call a garage door repair professional.

Got a Problem? Give Us a Call!

For any of these issues and more, we’re at your service 24/7. Garage doors rarely break at convenient times — yet they are so critical to the security and convenience of our lives. Let’s get your garage door functioning beautifully again. It’s just that easy.

Common Types of Overhead Doors for Businesses

Choosing an overhead garage door for your commercial business is no easy task. As a Sacramento business, you need it to be reliable, durable, functional and secure. And it would also be great if the door was attractive — especially if you have a public facing business like a bar, a coffee shop or restaurant. There are a number of types to choose from. Sectional doors are extremely sturdy. They tend to be constructed from galvanized steel panels with internal insulation to provide thermal isolation and sound reduction. Aluminum glass doors look great. They are ideal for a restaurant that wants to open up its guest area to the outdoors when its warm. Rolling doors are ideal when space is tight. Constructed from interlocking flat or curved slats of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, these doors curl around a drum and can be stored in a confined space.