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Having Amazon Packages Delivered Inside Your Garage, Not As Creepy As You Think


Having everything delivered is more popular than ever, with more people working from home and socializing less. But as Californians eventually go back to the office and out on the town, having a multitude of packages spending long hours on your porch can cause concern. Not only are your items at risk of being stolen, they are also vulnerable to damaging storms or hot sun. These risks are even more threatening if you’re away from home for several days.

How It Works

At first you might think that allowing a delivery driver access to your garage poses a security risk equal to leaving packages out in the open. But by using smart technology (and surveillance cameras, if you wish), you’re able to monitor the process every step of the way. You must first install a Smart Garage Hub (such as myQ Smart Garage Hub), or a WiFi garage door opener. myQ Smart Garage Hub is instantly compatible with Key by Amazon, and you will easily find the option to enable the service. If not, download the Key by Amazon App to enable.

When checking out on Amazon, there is a “Key Delivery” option to choose. On delivery day, you’ll be notified when the driver is about to arrive, but there’s nothing complicated to do. The driver can gain access with their scanner, open your garage door, place the package inside (out of your driving path), and close the door securely. Amazon verifies your package and address, and makes sure the driver is at the door before opening it. For added security, you can monitor the delivery using Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam, or the myQ Smart Garage Camera. If you change your mind on the day of delivery, it’s easy to block access using the app. Amazon even has the option to use their Key technology to have packages placed in the trunk of your car, parked at a location other than your home.

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Springs Need Replaced

Time, weather and constant use take a toll on the parts of any garage door, whether your garage door springs are torsion springs or extension springs. If left too long, they can even break, making your heavy garage door a safety hazard. But how do you tell if your springs are wearing down? Well, if your garage door seems to have trouble lifting when the opener is activated, or if it’s dropping too fast when it’s closing, your springs are wearing down. You can take a look at them yourself; if you see any rust or corrosion, or if the spring has areas where the coils are stretched or misshapen, it’s time to get them replaced by a professional repairman.