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Increasing Curb Appeal for Selling a House


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If you’re selling your home, it may seem counterintuitive to install a new garage door. After all, shouldn’t that be someone else’s problem? Not if you want to get the best resale value for your home. In that case, a new garage door installation should be at the top of your fixer-upper to-do list, next to replace the gutters, fix the leaky faucet, and paint that ugly bedroom.

In fact, a new garage door has one of the highest return on investments for all home improvements. It’s virtually money in the bank — 97%, dollar for dollar. When it comes to property value, curb appeal is so important. A new garage door gives your home a face lift. It’s an investment that substantially improves the resale value of your home.

ROI for a New Overhead Panel

Another benefit of upgrading your panel is that according to the Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors found that on average, a new garage door had as much as an 87% return-of-investment for homeowners.

So not only does it increase the likelihood of selling your home – you can actually earn back all of the money you spent plus more!

A New Garage Door is an Investment — Make It Count

It’s true that a new garage door can boost the equity value of your home, but quality matters. Consider a garage door an investment — the better the door you can afford, the more it can boost the value of your property. It’s simple real estate math.

That’s why we always encourage our customers to plan and budget their doors carefully. Some choose to take out home improvement loans for new garage door renovations. Others choose to invest this year’s tax refunds. In the end, they get a better door than they’d get just paying out of pocket. And their home is significantly worth more as a result in the long run.

Garage Door Repair Tips 101: How to Realign a Track

How aligned are the tracks of your garage door? This can be extremely critical because tracks that are misaligned are not only much louder but can damage the garage door as well. One simple repair tip for the tracks of your garage door is to just loosen the bolts and screws for each mounting bracket. Don’t remove them completely. When they are loose, you can then tap the tracks back into the right position using a rubber mallet to avoid denting the tracks. Make sure each is horizontally straight. Take some time to clean out any dirt and grease within the tracks and on the rollers. This will really improve the smooth handling of the door. Next re-tighten the bolts and screws and you’re done! It’s just that simple.