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How Will Temperature Change Affect Your Garage Door Springs?

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Among the many reasons seasonal maintenance for your garage door is a must is the effect weather changes can have on your garage door’s springs. Whether extension or torsion, garage door springs deal with tension and torque, and they’re also metal, so fluctuations in temperature, humidity and pressure can affect their tightness, balance, function, and wear.

We’ve got a lot going on here in NorCal, what with the heat and the sun and the rain and the really-dry or really-humid seasons. So don’t lax on your garage door maintenance! Here’s what happens to your springs when the weather changes:

  • Extreme temperatures: Very hot or very cold temps, as well as swings between the two, cause your garage door springs to expand and contract. This can affect the function and the structure of your springs, eventually causing them to become weak and brittle.
  • Moisture: Whether it’s heavy rains or 80% humidity, pervasive moisture seeps into the pores of metal garage door springs. If left unchecked, this will lead quickly from rust to corrosion, and then you’re at risk of a spring breaking and needing replaced.
  • High Winds: Extreme weather events that bring wind can stress your garage door’s springs, and the whole door itself, really. Anything constantly pushing or pulling on your garage door is going to increase wear and tear on the springs.

It’s important not to let your garage door just exist on its own and never be thought of or checked on. It’s a lot like your dental health. Skip regular maintenance and dental appointments and eventually something catastrophic and irreversible will happen. And it’ll be something you could’ve caught early, had you paid attention.

Same thing with your garage door. Wearing garage door springs can be diagnosed and replaced way before they become dangerous if you’re doing your seasonal inspections and maintenance. Need a status update on your springs or advice on what to look for and how to care for them? Give SACS a call for a consult!

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