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The Way Your Home Looks is Important, and Not Just to You


In every neighborhood, whether it’s an historic district, the suburbs, townhouses or a gated community, people want their homes to appear attractive and well taken care of. It increases neighborhood pride and, more importantly, home values in the area. If just one or two homes on a block are improved, values of homes on the whole block automatically go up. Appearance is important, and even though front doors, windows, fencing and landscaping are essential parts of curb appeal, so is your garage door. And, especially in the last decade, custom and trendy garage doors are becoming more and more common.

Garage Door Trends and How You Can Change the Look of Your Home

When we think of a garage door, chances are you have the typical white-ish, sectioned door with the row of windows that run just above eye level. There’s nothing wrong with it- it’s utilitarian and it looks just fine. But it’s not your only option, and in 2021 it’s likely not even close to your best option.

Companies like us can help you create custom garage doors for your home that show your style and your pride in keeping up your home’s appearance. You can change the layout of the windows, maybe have a vertical row on one side of the door instead. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures and materials that will help the outside of your home pop. You can even customize the shape, maybe by adding an arch to the façade of your house to make the door appear curved. If you have the room, you can even install a garage door that opens horizontally, like trendy indoor “barn doors.” You are definitely not limited by options, and any customizations you choose don’t make the use of your garage door less effective, so consider updating the appearance of your home with a unique, custom door that shows observers and neighbors that you care about your home and also the neighborhood in which you live.

Don’t Let a Broken Garage Door Ruin Your Day

There are many parts involved in making your garage door function seamlessly. Unfortunately, the more parts involved, the more things that can go wrong. And when something goes wrong that prevents your garage door from closing, you might find yourself stuck at home waiting on a technician instead of going to work or going about your day. If your door is off-track or suffering from broken springs, it’s important not to force the door to close. You could cause more damage. Luckily, Sacs Garage Door Repair is available 24/7 and always on call for emergencies in the Sacramento area, so you won’t be waiting on a technician too long.