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DIY Garage Door Repair Isn’t Always Smart


5 of the best diy blogs of 2018We get it: You’re handy! You may be able to build furniture or repair your home or car, but trust us when we say that garage door repair is not a DIY task. In spite of how deceptively simple it may appear when you’re looking at a broken spring and thinking all you need is a replacement part, the reality of dismantling parts of your garage door means that the entire thing, weighing hundreds of pounds, could collapse on top of you. Yikes! Rather than flipping a coin on your safety, give us a call here at Sacs Garage Door Repair and we will come out to your home or business in the Sacramento area to give you an estimate on your garage door fix.

Affordable, Reliable and Fast!

Call us today and we will get back to you within a couple of hours. In fact, many times, we can even make it out to deliver our in-person estimate the day of your call! Don’t spend another minute wondering if you’ll have to replace your garage door when we can likely repair it for a price you’ll find remarkably affordable. Our experienced staff is here to help you get your garage door working smoothly again.

Garage Door off Track? Clear the Area and Call a Tech

A garage door that looks crooked or slanted can mean a few different things like the spring or cables have broken. But it could also be the result of a detached garage door. If this happened to you, do not attempt to close the door forcibly. Trying to do so could cause the garage door to come crashing down, possibly onto your vehicle! The best thing to do in this situation is clear the area of both property and persons and call a technician as soon as possible. If you’re located in Citrus Heights or nearby Suburbs in the Sacramento area, our team of professionals have years of experience in garage repair and are standing by around the clock.