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3 Simple Reasons Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work and Needs Service


Garage door stop working? Relax. The reason may be more simple than you think. In fact, you may be able to fix it yourself. Here are a few common problems when it comes to garage door service.

Transmitter Batteries

Don’t feel stupid. Sometimes the culprit behind a broken garage door is as simple as dead batteries. Like anything else electronic, garage doors require batteries to work. Naturally, they go dead overtime. The most common battery to go out is the transmitter. Also realize that batteries are often installed in sets. If one battery goes out, more are probably due. It’s a good idea to change them all.

Misaligned Track

If your garage door is out of alignment, it could be serious and require the help of a professional. On the other hand, depending on how out of alignment the door is, you may be able to fix it yourself. Are there gaps between the rollers and the rails, or are there bends in the rails? The weight of the door only makes it worse overtime. If you catch it early, you may be able to work the track back into place. If not, call a professional like Sac’s Garage Door Repair.

Your Photo Eye is Out of Alignment

There are photo eyes located on either side of your garage door. An invisible beam shines between the two eyes, and if blocked by an object, this prevents the door from closing. It’s a safety measure. Sometimes an eye will be moved out of alignment, preventing the door from working. Simply move the eye back into position. The eye may also require cleaning. You may be able to solve this garage door service problem with a rag and a bucket of soapy water.

Garage Won’t Open? You May Need to Repair Garage Door Spring

If your garage won’t open, your spring could be the culprit. Look above the door, there should be a large extension or torsion spring. Don’t touch it as it could be under heavy pressure – just inspect visually. It’s usually fairly obvious when they’re broken as they’ll be split cleanly in half. When you try to manually open the door it’ll feel incredibly heavy as the spring is no longer helping. If this describes your situation, then it’s time for garage spring replacement. Don’t delay – call us now and we’ll safely repair or replace the damaged spring. We respect your budget so you’ll always know what to expect upfront.