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4 Popular Reasons Your Garage Door May Break Down


Common ProblemsFor most people, their garage door works reliably until one day it breaks down out of the blue. But the truth is garage door problems are often the result of a lack of proper maintenance and inspections. While not all issues can be prevented, many can be caught before it’s too late. By scheduling a garage door inspection a few times every year, you can help avoid a garage door breakdown and you may even save a little money in the process.

Here are 4 common garage door problems to be on the lookout for:

1) Broken Garage Door Spring

The springs on your garage door are designed to last for a long time but eventually they do break. You can estimate how much longer your springs will last by checking the manufacturers specifications. Most springs are rated in cycles, with 1 cycle being a single open and close of the door. A spring that’s rated for 10,000 uses should be replaced before it reaches that point. If you operate the door 4 times a day, then you’ll likely need to replace the spring within 7 years, preferably sooner.

2) Sensor Issues

If you’ve ever hit the switch on your garage door only for it to reverse on you almost immediately, this indicates there may be an issue with your sensor. There are two sensor lases found on the base of both sides of your garage door. These sensors need to stay aligned and clean for the door to operate correctly. A dirty or misaligned sensor will prevent operation of your garage door.

3) Snapped Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are attached to your spring and help operate the door. Over time, these cables can become frayed and eventually snap. To prevent this, inspect your cables for signs of damage and replace them before they break.

4) Garage Door Off Track

A door off track is usually simple to diagnose as you’ll notice it’s completely crooked or nonfunctional. This usually happens if you accidentally drive into the garage door with your vehicle or it gets hit with a heavy object.

Simple Approaches to Garage Door Opener Repair

Most times your garage door opener doesn’t work, it’s a fairly simple repair. Start by moving closer to the door to be sure you aren’t out of range. Check the antenna to make sure it is not damaged. Check the opener with the wall switch. If it works fine, chances are there is something wrong with the remote itself, or even more likely, its batteries. You can also try reprogramming the remote or keypad. The electronics in these devices can be sensitive and easily get out of whack. Reprogramming either device depends on the manufacturer. Look for specific instructions for your model online.