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How to Remove Rust from Your Garage Door


Rusty DoorDealing with a rusty garage door? You’re not alone. Garage doors are frequently exposed to outside elements that can cause rust build-up over time. This is especially true of cheaper metal doors or for those who live closer to the ocean.

Minor rust can be buffered out with sandpaper or removed with a solvent. If it’s a large amount of rust, you’ll probably need to repaint the whole panel after removing the rust.

For rust on garage door parts, use a solvent made for rust and gently scrub. Afterwards, apply a light amount of white lithium grease or silicone spray to prevent further corrosion.

For panels with heavy rust damage, you may need to purchase a new garage door. Some parts like garage door springs or hinges may require replacing as well if the rust damage is significant.

How to Install Garage Door Weatherstripping Replacement

Over time, your garage door weatherstripping can be worn down and require replacement. To replace garage door weatherstripping, you’ll need to pry out the old strip and clean any adhesive stuck to the panel. Then, measure the door to determine how much new stripping you’ll need. You can usually find new strips at a hardware store. If you can’t find it, most garage repair companies would be happy to perform the replacement for you. Remember, when working on a garage door, always wear safety gear and make sure no one is near the door.