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4 Reasons Why Installing a New Garage Door is a Genius Idea

4 Reasons Why Installing a New Garage Door is a Genius Idea

Garage doors are like a well loved pair of pants. You usually don’t notice it’s time to replace them until it’s too late. Suddenly the same door that looked great last year is beat up, run down, and overdue for a new one. What are the signs it’s time to replace your garage door before time catches up with you? Like an attentive girlfriend or a wife you wouldn’t survive without, we’ll tell you when it’s time to refresh the look of your garage door.


We talk a lot about aesthetics and curb appeal on this blog, but safety takes priority. It is the first and foremost thing you should look out for when it comes to garage door replacement. It’s easy to forget, but a garage door weighs several hundred pounds. They lift with the flick of a wrist, no more effort than casting a line with your favorite fishing rod. But that’s how they are designed. And when something goes wrong — say a busted chain or cable — that door suddenly becomes extremely dangerous.


Your garage door is the largest door to your house. And once a burglar is inside your garage, they are out of sight from the Neighborhood Watch Patrol, so that means they can take their time picking your kitchen door lock. They can also help themselves to all the goods inside — perhaps thousands of dollars in yard and garden tools, bikes, sporting equipment, maybe a jetski. A trained thief can spot a faulty garage door a mile away. And that makes your house — and your family — a target.

A Busted Door is An Eyesore

Wooden doors can splinter. Panels can fall off. Even small holes or openings are sneak peaks to all the goodies you’ve got inside the garage. Thieves are professional peeping toms because they love to know what they’re getting into before springing into action. That way they know if its worth it or not. Protect your privacy — and your family’s security — by installing a new garage door before the old one falls apart.

Freshen Up

We saved the best for last. Aesthetics is probably the most popular reason for installing a new garage door. Curb appeal is important, especially when it comes to a good looking garage door. Because a door comprises so much of the front facing view of a home, it pretty much sets the tone for the visual appeal of the house. And that matters — in dollars and cents — when it comes to appraising the resale value of your home.

In fact, a new garage door has one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home improvements. On average, it’s virtually dollar for dollar. And depending on the local real estate market and the type of door you get, it’s practically money in the bank earning interest. You could actually make money. Either way, a new garage door is a valuable investment worth considering. Even your accountant thinks it’s a good idea.

The Advantages of Glazed Aluminum Storefront Doors During Construction Periods

Storefront doors are unique. They’re the face of the business — therefore they come in all shapes and sizes. That means any construction or renovation of storefront doors poses unique challenges. What do you do with the doors while the details are being worked out? If you’re not a fan of the standard construction plywood, consider glazed aluminum for your storefront doors. It makes your business look more professional and not in a construction zone. It’s more aesthetically pleasing so your customers feel more relaxed in a sophisticated style. Plus, a glazed door makes it harder to see inside after hours, so your business is more protected.