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The Advantage of Driveway Gate Installation and What to Consider


The Advantage of Driveway Gate Installation and What to Consider

If you live in Sacramento, California, you understand how bad crime has gotten lately. On local social apps like NextDoor, not a day goes by where you don’t hear about a neighbor’s car getting broken into, sometimes even robbed. We heard of one Sacramento neighbor who had all four wheels stolen off their car, another who’s car hood was stolen. It’s getting bad. That’s why you want to make sure your garage door is in great repair so you’re not giving thieves an opportunity.

But you might want to go a step further by installing an automatic security gate — they’re no longer just for well-off executives, mob bosses, rich rappers with a lot of money and property to protect. A security gate offers another layer of safety for your vehicle. Even if you already store your car locked in your garage, a gate provides another guard to help make you more secure. If you are considering adding a security gate for your home, here’s everything you need to know.

3 Types of Gates

Many garage door companies can create for you a custom gate. There are generally 3 design options for how they open. Sliding gates are ideal if you don’t have a lot of space. If you have fencing, the gate can slide parallel to the fencing without requiring much extra space.

Four fold gates are best for if you have a larger parking garage for a number of vehicles. These gates fold entirely clear of the opening. The advantage to these doors is you can see the entire door as it opens. This can minimize potential damage to your car.

Swinging gates are much more affordable than sliding gates. The gate has an on one end hinge that’s stationary and can swing open and closed on the other.

Like Doors, Gates Can Be Automatic

Much like installing an automatic garage door opener, automatic gates are pretty standard. They can operate via a remote or through a numbered keypad. The whole idea it to save yourself the inconvenience of opening and shutting the gate yourself.

Don’t Forget the Intercom

Just because you have a driveway gate doesn’t mean you have to be closed off from the rest of the world. After all, you want it to supplement the security of your garage door, not completely isolate you. That’s why getting a reliable intercom system is crucial. This way, your guests can always contact you so you know they’ve arrived. Delivery people might not have access to mobile phones. Reception can sometimes be an issue.

There are a number of gate intercom options available. Video camera intercoms are nice because you always know who has arrived. This can prevent security threats. Two way radio intercoms have the advantage of distance — up to a mile if you have a long driveway. Cell phone intercoms have absolutely no range limits when it comes to long distance. Digital intercoms allow for proprietary encryption for secure conversations.

What’s the Right Location for Your Driveway Gate?

This is often a decision best made with the consultation of an expert. Have a garage technician who specializes in gates come out and inspect your property and make some suggestions. It may be ideal from the street or perhaps a little further in on the driveway to allow access for UPS and postal deliveries.

The Value of Safety

A gate can enhance the security already present in your garage door and other alarm systems. This way you can confidently park outside of your garage without fear of car theft. This can be ideal if you have more cars than can fit inside your garage, or if you’ve converted your garage into a recreation area such as a TV room, bar, gym or office.

Talk to Your Insurance Company: You Might Be Eligible for Savings

We’ve talked about the added security a driveway gate brings to both your home and your vehicle. And there is solid research to back this up, not to mention common sense. Not only does a gate help protect your privacy. It also helps guard your property and vehicles from crime.

It’s kind of like when you keep your car inside a garage. Your insurance company may offer a discount because it is better protected, especially if the garage is fortified with a solid security system.

Because of that, you may be eligible for substantial savings on your insurance premiums, both house as well as vehicle. Talk to both insurance companies and let them know what security measures you’ve put in place. Ask them if there is any way you could save.

Because when your property is protected, the cost to insure your home and vehicles becomes substantially less. Protect your property; save on insurance. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Storefront Glass Door Repair: Preparing for Winter Storms

Winter is storm season in Sacramento, and those wind and rains can get brutal. Your storefront glass doors can be highly susceptible to damages that will require repair. When a huge storm is expected, consider boarding up the glass windows with plywood. It’s also a good idea to weatherstrip the areas around the glass for a better sealant. You might want to add a layer of hurricane film — a special glass sealant specifically designed for hurricanes. It doesn’t hurt to install a glass door that is specifically designed for hurricanes, especially in California.