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4 Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your Garage


4 Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your GarageWe safeguard our garages against burglars, but rarely think about those teenee-tiny home intruders — cockroaches, rats, and other pests that have chosen home intrusion as their career. They often sneak in at night when we’re sound asleep. They borough in during inclement weather. And unlike human criminals, they can sometimes live for weeks or even months without us even realizing it. And the whole time they are wreaking havoc in your garage, chewing through your precious valuables, littering the place with feces, spreading disease and filth.

The good news is with proactive garage door repairs and pest control, you can keep your garage clean and free of rodents. Here are 4 tricks to keeping a pest free, clean garage.

Keep a Clean Garage

One of the surest ways to keep out the pests is to not tempt the little buggers in the first place. Clean out any trash or food. If you do keep food or even pet food, keep it in a secure container. Throw out anything rotten or moldy. Keep the garage clean and dry. Rats crave cardboard like an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Use plastic totes instead.

Block Up the Entrance

Make sure to seal any cracks, openings, or crevices. Any crack more than a third of an inch wide is practically a front door to a cockroach. Make sure windows are sealed without any gaps. Repair or replace the weatherstripping around the garage door, as well as the garage door seal. This will keep out pests as well as inclement weather. You’ll have a dryer garage, which will also deter pests.

Set Traps

Play dirty. Set out peanut butter rat traps. If you have dogs, keep the traps up high where they won’t reach. If you have cats, you might want to use humane traps that allow for release. Always tell kids never to touch or play with the traps.

Call an Exterminator

If you have already been invaded, it might be time to call in an exterminator. If the garage door is the problem, he or she could work one-on-one with a garage door repair professional to better secure your home.

Fix My Garage Door! How to Find a Company You Can Trust

If you own a garage, chances are eventually you will have to find somebody to fix it. Who should you trust? Talk to family, friends, and neighbors in the area and see who they use. Make sure the company is certified and fully ensured. They should only hire trained and licensed professionals. They should also back up all work they do with a guarantee. See if they offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair. Garages rarely break down at convenient times, and when they do you need to find a solution fast. Check the company’s name against the Better Business Bureau. Read their reviews on Google and Yelp. Make sure the company is local to the Sacramento area.