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5 Tricks to a Safer and More Secure Overhead Garage Door


5-Tricks-to-a-Safer-and-More-Secure-Overhead-Garage-DoorShoplifters come in your front door, but burglars go out your back overhead garage door. In fact, if they can access your back garage door, they can back up a truck and empty out your whole business. That’s where the real liability lies. Since your garage door is the biggest door in your business, security is critical. Safeguarding your door helps to safeguard your business.

Most likely, your business’s biggest access point is your overhead garage door. The stakes are that much higher. Thieves can wheel up a truck and haul away with your entire inventory. That’s why garage door security is so important to a professional business. Security is front and center. Maintaining a well repaired and secure garage door is critical. Here are 5 ways to ensure your garage door is well working and secure and your property is protected.

Security Cameras

Security cameras do 2 things: They deter thieves, and if thieves should strike, they provide evidence so you can enforce charges and hold them accountable. Even the presence of a camera can keep a burglar moving down the block onto easier and lower hanging fruit. Always display signs warning about cameras. Include them in prominent places where they can see them before even trespassing on your property. This is a great way to deter thieves. They won’t even attempt your garage door if the risk is too great.

The good news is that the cost of security cameras has really come down recently. Most modern cameras connect to the Internet. You can have a continually running data feed. You or the police can also access the view remotely if an alarm gets tripped.

Have Your Overhead Garage Door Inspected by a Pro

One of the simplest ways you can improve the security of a garage door is to have a professional technician take a look at it. They will be able to spot any structural issues. This is a good idea to do at least once a year, even if the door seems fine.

Keep the Area Well Lit

Burglars are like cockroaches. They hate light. Invest in quality outdoor lighting. Use motion sensors to save on your electricity bill.

Add a Padlock

If nobody needs to access your business at night, a simple padlock — the bigger the better — can do wonders.

Keyless Entry

If you need to allow employee access, consider installing a keyless entry that has a rolling code that changes periodically. This helps keep the store secure from disgruntled employees or anybody else who might learn the code.

Well Worth the Investment

Think about what all that inventory inside is worth. Anything you spend on security is well worth the investment.

Enhanced security features can also reduce your insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance company. The savings alone might pay for itself in a few months. And when it comes to keeping your property and inventory secure and your employees safe? That’s absolutely priceless.

A Breakdown of Front Door Replacement by an Exterior Door Installer

Drafty front door? Consider installing a new exterior door that is more energy efficient. You can get replacement doors with weathershipped frames that are fairly easy to DIY without being a master carpenter. The job can be completed in a weekend, in fact in a single day if you have even the most basic carpentry skills. It requires fairly common household tools you probably already have in your garage. The simplest approach to sizing is just to order a new door that’s the same size as the old. Otherwise you’ll need to reframe the opening, and that will probably require a professional. It also helps if the brick opening is level and plumb. This is not always the case in older houses where the foundation might have settled.