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5 Design Ideas to Take Your Garage Door From Boring to Beautiful


It’s the Perfect Time for a Near-Perfect Return

Home renovations and backyard projects have become increasingly popular as people across the country, and especially in California, have been spending more time at home. We want to make our living areas and backyard hangouts as comfortable as possible, and conducive to working from home, if necessary. While these upgrades are worthwhile now, few are as solid an investment as replacing your garage door, which offers a ROI of 97.5 percent. Choosing an upgrade with a near-perfect return is a smart move when the cost of building materials is as high as it currently is. ranks garage door replacement above entry door replacement, deck additions and minor kitchen remodels as the most valuable upgrade, with replacing siding with manufactured stone veneer coming in a close second. Anything increasing curb appeal guarantees a healthy return, so consider the entire facade of your home as you choose a new garage door, and coordinate features the best you can.

Garage Doors with Frosted Panels Framed in a Metal Grid Make for a Modern Look

One of the biggest trends in garage doors this year is frosted windows, framed in by a clean grid. The window panels can be glass or acrylic, and the material framing them in can be aluminum or steel. This type of door is striking for residential and commercial facades and matches well with modern, contemporary and industrial styles. By far, the most common version of this garage door style we see is aluminum full-view overhead doors. They’re attractive on houses and small businesses alike; they make the transition from indoor to outdoor seamless, and they’re a great choice for garages that have been converted into living spaces.

Warm Colors with Cool Tones Make Garage Doors Inviting

Warm wood finishes always add interest when paired with cooler tones, whether matched with modern slate gray, or medium-blue siding and shingles. This look can be achieved with wooden garage doors, or a faux-wood composite laid over a steel base. A row of windows letting in natural light, along with the black metal hardware and hinges, are two trends popping up on several different types of garage doors. This garage door trend is perfect for homeowners who want an updated look that still keeps the inviting character that traditional wood garage doors offer.

Matte Black and Modern Greys Update Sectional Garage Doors

When working with black, white and shades of gray, it can be tempting to go with a typical white or light gray garage door. But darker hues, such as this matte black garage door, make much more of a statement and complement the house’s modern lines. Rows of small, square windows are sometimes included in this style, but keeping it simple is a great option too.

Carriage Style Garage Doors Have Details, Accents and Window Enhancements

At the opposite end of the spectrum, this garage door includes texture, the classic black metal handles and hinges, matching black sconces, and a row of windows cut in an unconventional shape. The thick white trim and matching lattice awning work to tie the various features together. For homeowners with older houses that want to update their garage doors without losing that historic character, installing a garage door like this one accomplishes both.

Unconventional Colors Make Your Garage Door Pop

People are choosing bolder colors over boring tan, white and gray, whether placed as a pop of color or painted to achieve a monochromatic scheme. On this home, pronounced white trim prevents the yellow from becoming overpowering, and black hinges and handles with matching sconces and a row of windows are featured once again. 

Your garage door is likely a large part of your home’s frontage, so its appearance shouldn’t be ignored. Yeah, a standard white sectional overhead door will do, but it doesn’t add anything to your home, appearance-wise. So, if you are considering investing in your home’s curb appeal, be sure to check out new garage door styles, colors, materials, lighting, trim and accessories so that your home stands out.

Overhead Garage Doors Bring the Outside In

Commercial garage doors are a great choice for businesses looking to increase air circulation and easy access to outdoor seating. Overhead doors are traditionally thought of for industrial warehouses, but they can be styled and customized for restaurants, bars and event centers. Some of the most popular wedding venues feature glass-paneled garage doors that offer a seamless transition from inside to outside, letting guests spread out and letting air circulate. This style of garage door is also a good choice for any business that receives large shipments, or sells outdoor items, such as bikes, plants, lawnmowers, and sports gear.