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Getting a New Garage Door? Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old Door


Replacing a Garage Door? Give the Old One a New Use!

Weather StrippingWhile garage doors are made to last a long time, they will eventually break down. When new garage doors are imminent, repurposing the former one is probably not a thought that crosses most people’s mind.

Old garage doors tend to get tossed into a landfill or a metal compactor which can lead to unnecessary waste. With a little creativity, you can transform your old door into something useful like furniture or garden bed frames.

Before you begin, you may need to strip any paint remaining on the door and refinish it. For this job, use a chemical paint remover and a tough scrub. You may need to work at it a bit, depending on how many layers of paint there are.

Five Ways to Recycle a Garage Panel

1) Workbench

Have you always wanted a table to work on but didn’t want to spend the money? An old garage door serves this purpose well. Check out this video on crafting a multi-purpose bench using an old door. The DIYer in this video uses a standard house door but the same principle can be applied to a garage door. Simply trim the door into a 36” x 80” slab of wood and you’re good to go.

2) Raised Garden Bed

Old garage panels make a great inexpensive garden bed. Perhaps one of the easiest modifications, simply divide the garage door by each panel and then assemble into a square or rectangular frame.

3) Mirror Frame

The recessed panels found on many garage doors are the perfect place for a mirror. Trim the door to your preferred size and using a glass cutter, cut a large mirror so that it will fit into the recessed panel. Secure with a strong adhesive.

4) Bed Headboard

Headboards can be a stylish addition to any bed but many consider them to be an unnecessary expense. By using a refinished garage panel, you can have a gorgeous headboard without the cost. Trim your panel to fit and secure it to the wall.

5) Art Frames

As with a mirror, the recessed panels on garage doors work well for art work. Cut square sections of the door and remove the recessed section, leaving an opening for art or decoration. Wall hooks can be secured to the back of the panel, leaving you the perfect picture frame.

Whether you have steel or wood garage doors, there’s a lot of options when it comes to recycling them. Instead of sending the panels off to a landfill, consider planning a family fun project of repurposing them into something useful.

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