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Broken Garage Door? Don’t DIY – Hire a Technician Instead


4 Reasons Why Professional Garage Door Repair is Better

We get the DIY spirit. As professional garage door repair folks, we love to repair many things, not just garage doors. We thrive off the challenge. We’re always trying to fix stuff around the house. But for the layman, keep in mind that garage door repair is a different story. It requires highly specialized expertise, as well as professional tools, to do safely and correctly. After all, your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It’s a serious safety issue. An improper repair can cause serious injury to your family or pets. Not only that, but you can cause expensive damage to your garage door as well.

Save your DIY spirit for brewing beer. When it comes to garage door repair, always hire a professional. Here are 4 reasons you should call us instead of fixing your garage door yourself.

1) It doesn’t save you money.

While most DIY projects can save you money, garage door repair is an exception. Currently, the parts and labor costs for garage door repair are extremely affordable when compared to other types of contractor work. That means that it might cost you the same to hire a technician instead of doing it yourself.

2) You might void your warranty.

Most garage door manufacturers provide warranties ranging from 3 to 10 years. These warranties can save you a lot of money if something happens to you garage door. Unfortunately, most manufacturers will consider your warranty voided if you decide to try the repair on your own. That means if something happens later on down the road, your panel manufacturer won’t cover it and you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

3) It might cost you more.

If you make a mistake during the repair, it could you even more money later on. For example, if you damage another part or fail, it could cause the entire door to become inoperable. In some cases, garage door panels have been known to completely collapse after a botched repair.

4) It’s dangerous.

Your garage door has many different moving parts – all of which could seriously injure you. There have been many home and business owners who’ve hurt themselves after mishandling a garage door. Furthermore, the springs on your garage door are extremely dangerous and under heavy tension. If they snap, it could damage property or even sever a limb. Remember – your garage door could weigh hundreds of pounds. You don’t want it to come down on top of you or anyone near you.

It’s always better to let a garage door repairman shoulder the risk. Experienced technicians have worked on thousands of doors and they know how to properly handle them in order to avoid injury and property damage.

The Benefits of Hiring a Garage Door Technician

When working with a professional garage door repair company, you get numerous benefits that simply aren’t available when doing the repair yourself. Because technicians are considered “qualified professionals” they won’t void your door’s warranty when they work on it. And because most technicians are extremely affordable, you might even save money by having a professional do it instead.

But one of the biggest advantages of working with a tech is that you can rest assured your repair will be done right. That way, you don’t have to worry about potential issues occurring in the future.

Just be sure to choose a technician who’s insured, certified, and bonded.

Tips to Repair Garage Door

If your garage door needs repair, first take a look at the metal tracks inside the garage. Check out the mounting brackets to see if they’re loose. Tighten the bolts and the screws. Take a look at the tracks for dents and any areas that are bent. If they are slightly bent, try gently tapping them back into place with a hammer. If the tracks are too badly damaged, you might have to have them replaced by a professional garage repair service. You should also periodically clean the tracks to remove any dirt, debris and grease. Give the rollers a thorough cleaning and wipe dry to prevent rust.
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