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Can’t Open Your Garage? It Might Be an Easy Fix


Common Causes of a Garage Door That Won't OpenIf your garage door won’t open, don’t panic. Sometimes its an easy fix that you can do on your own. Before you decide to call a garage door technician, try these tips.

1) Is It the Remote?

Often, when a garage door won’t open, it’s simply a dead battery or dead remote. To find out, just replace the batteries in your remote, try a different remote, or use the wall switch.

2) Check Your Electricity

If your home doesn’t have power or a fuse was blown, then your garage door opener won’t work. Make sure to check the socket your opener is plugged in to and make sure they’re electricity going to it.

3) Obstructions

If there’s something around the base of the garage door, it might not open. This is because the sensors around the door check of obstructions and prevent the door from operating for safety purposes. Make sure there’s nothing in the way. You might also want to ensure your sensors are aligned on each end and that the lens is clean.

Still Won’t Open?

If your garage door won’t work, then there’s likely something else going on. If you don’t here your garage door opener trying to lift the door, then the issue is likely with the opener itself. It’s possible that the circuit board malfunctioned. If you do hear the opener try to raise the door then the issue may be with the garage door opener chain or the parts on your garage door itself.

Is Your Garage Door Off Track? What to Do

If your garage door has jumped the track, your first step is to make sure that the tracks are still anchored to the wall. When the door goes off track, it’s usually because the tracks themselves have come off the wall. If the tracks have detached, reattach them in the proper positioning by rebolting them onto a wall. If they are loose, tighten the bolts with a wrench or a ratchet handle. Either way, definitely stop using the door until you have gotten it back on the tracks. In most cases, it’s a simple repair. But if you continue to use the door, you can badly damage the door or the tracks. If they are damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to replace them.