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Common Garage Door Problems That Most Homeowners Face

Top 4 Garage Repair Problems

It’s easy not to worry about your garage door until something goes wrong. Most homeowners tend to think the loud creaking or groaning noises are all part of owning a garage door. But these are signs that you need garage door maintenance!

Fortunately, most homeowners can avoid breakdowns by performing a few inspections a year, along with regular lubrication of garage door parts. It can help you avoid all the issues we’re about to discuss.

It’s a good idea to be aware of these common garage door problems so you know what to look out for if you experience issues with your own. The 10 most common issues Sacramento homeowners face with their garage doors are:

1. Worn or Broken Garage Door Springs

If you’re using a manual open garage door, you’ll notice right away that the door may be too difficult to lift open or it slams shut too fast. For those with an automatic garage door opener, if the springs are wearing down, the door will close too fast and open too slowly. If the spring is broken, the door won’t lift at all – you’ll need to disengage the emergency release and operate it by hand. 

Depending on the type of spring on your garage door (Here’s our handy guide to garage door springs and repairs), you should be able to look above the garage door and see a cracked or cleanly split spring. In this case, you’ll need to have a garage door service professional replace the spring(s) for you.

2. Garage Door Reverse Feature Doesn’t Work

The two laser sensors found on the base of your garage door help prevent damage and injuries by preventing garage door operation if there is an object near the door. These sensors need to be lined up to be able to tell the opener that there is or isn’t something underneath the garage door. This engages the automatic reverse feature. 

If the sensor eyes become misaligned, or something is blocking them – like grime or intense sunlight – it can cause the door to immediately reverse or not operate at all. The sensor boxes can be adjusted until lined up again, and there are simple things you can do to eliminate other causes like blockage.

3. Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work

Most garage door remotes last for a very long time before they need new batteries. But if your remote won’t open the door, it may be time to replace the batteries. If your garage door opener isn’t responding to the remote, confirm it is a remote issue by using the wall switch to operate the garage door opener. And when it works just fine, go grab yourself some more batteries. 

4. Garage Door Rollers are Off-Track

If you’ve slammed your door down too hard or hit it with an object, there’s a good chance your garage door will come off track. You can usually spot an out-of-track roller right away, but other symptoms are a crooked door and hearing the opener strain or scraping sounds when the door moves, if the door works at all. 

If you’ve just got a simple door-jumped-the-tracks situation, this is a simple fix you can do yourself, if you’re so inclined. To learn how, visit our repair guide for garage doors that have come off track.

5. Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

If you can’t get your garage door opener to engage despite trying the wall switch and ensuring the remote has power, there are two common causes. One is that the power source has simply been interrupted. You wouldn’t believe how often we get calls about broken openers, only to find out the unit had become accidentally unplugged.

The other cause may be that the motor has burnt out. Test this theory by using the backup battery unit to use the garage door opener. If that doesn’t work after trying everything else, your motor is probably dead. The motor of a garage door opener can be replaced without replacing the entire unit, but you should have it done by a professional so you don’t void the warranty on your opener.

6. Garage Door is Unbalanced

If you’ve noticed your garage door has become a bit slower and noisier? When fully opened or closed, does the bottom of the door look crooked? Your garage door likely needs rebalanced and aligned, or you’ll end up with a bigger problem, like an off-track roller or a burnt out opener motor.

Rebalancing a garage door involves adjusting and coordinating several parts of the garage door with dexterity, so this is another repair you should call a garage door service company to deal with.

7. A Noisy Garage Door

Noise is a symptom of pretty much every garage door problem, and might be caused by a number of issues. Most are pretty easy to figure out: the door’s off track, hangs crooked, needs lubricated, the drive needs replaced, the track’s bent, springs are worn – these are all things you can see or determine yourself with a bit of investigation. Then, depending on the diagnosis, you can DIY the fix or give us a call to handle it for you.

8. The Garage Door Opener’s Limits are Off

Has your garage door opener started to keep running even when the door’s movement cycle is completed? Or has the garage door opener started to stop running even though the door’s movement cycle isn’t completed? The garage door opener has forgotten its limits. 

This is a safe, simple adjustment you can make yourself if you want to, but it may be a good idea to have a technician come adjust it for you, because they can also tune up the related parameters like cables, balance and alignment. This ensures the openers operating optimally, which reduces wear and tear on all the garage door’s pieces and parts.

9. Garage Door is Hard to Open

This is another issue that can be caused by more than one thing. If you notice your garage door opener is working harder than usual or even straining to lift the door, check the springs, rollers and tracks. A worn spring, broken/worn roller, or bent/broken track can all prevent the door from opening smoothly. 

If the problem is that a roller needs replaced or a track needs unbent, both these garage door repairs are safe to DIY. However, if the issue is the spring(s), it’s time to call in the pros. Spring repair/replacement is dangerous and requires an experienced hand to do safely and accurately.

10. Garage Door Closes Too Fast

A garage door that comes slamming down is (1) scary, (2) damaging to the door and (3) dangerous. And it means that your garage door’s springs are breaking down. Time to call SACS and get them replaced before they totally break. Your door’s safety reverse feature can’t work if the springs are broken – it’s a real safety hazard.

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Prevent Problems with Proper Garage Door Maintenance

The best way to avoid problems before they occur is with quarterly garage door maintenance. Having a technician inspect and lubricate your garage door parts a few times a year can save you a significant amount of money in what otherwise could have been spent on repairs. Regular garage door maintenance:

  • Increases the lifespan of your garage door panels and parts by improving resistance to wear and tear.
  • Ensures your garage door opener is working smoothly.
  • Reveals potential problems early so repairs stay minor.
  • Allows you to anticipate replacing garage door parts by knowing when they’re nearing end of life.
  • Keeps your garage door in good alignment.

Whether you want to take an afternoon a couple time per year to get this maintenance done yourself, or have a local garage door company like us come do it for you, the cost and time investment in giving your garage door regular TLC always pays out in the end.

Garage Door Replacement for Home and Business Owners

Has your garage door seen better days? Don’t wait to get it fixed, a broken door can be a serious safety hazard. Here at Sacs, we offer replacement garage door service for residential and commercial buildings in the Greater Sacramento area. We’ll work with you to determine the best option for your home or business. All our technicians are certified, insured, and trained, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Call us today for more information or for a free quote. We’re open 24 / 7 and offer flexible appointment scheduling and overnight repairs.