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The Dangers of Reusing Old Garage Door Tracks


New Garage Doors – Should You Reuse Tracks?

Off TrackLet’s face it: we all like to save a few bucks when possible. Reusing old garage door tracks is one of the ways homeowners will try to cut costs when installing new garage doors. But is it a smart way to save money, or a risky choice that’ll cost you down the line?

One of our jobs as a professional garage door repair company is to ensure the safety of every door installed, and when it comes to reusing old tracks, we feel this is an unsafe way to cut costs. Each and every track is designed and cut to measure the garage door to very precise specifications. While you may be able to get away with fitting a new door onto an old track, it doesn’t mean it’ll be safe.

If the door exceeds the tracks’ maximum weight or gets caught on the rail it could run off track and damage nearby people or property. Play it safe and be sure to install your door on new tracks.

Replace Your Garage Door and Save Money

Worried about the cost of a new garage door install? Don’t be! Many of our customers report a reduced energy bill that saves them a lot of money. Did you know that a poorly insulated garage can affect the temperature in your home as much as leaving all your windows open? With Sacramento’s rising temperatures, this can leave you with an electric bill that’s just painful to look at. But that’s not all. A reduced bill isn’t the only benefit of a new door. After installation, you’ll have better curb appeal and a higher home value. Plus, you’ll have the peace of a mind that you have a nice and safe new door protecting your valuable belongings.