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Dealing with a Noisy Garage Door


Squeaky GarageA noisy garage door isn’t just annoying – it’s a sign that there’s a problem with your door. Fortunately, most garage door noise can be fixed with a simple tune-up. Start by inspecting your garage door for signs of damage. Make sure there are no obstructions in the track and that hinges and screws are tightened. If you don’t notice any apparent signs of wear, then the issue is most likely due to a lack of lubrication.

Using a silicone lubricant or white lithium grease, apply a light layer of lubricant to metal garage door parts including the spring and hinges. You can clean the track with a gentle solvent but do not apply lubricant to it. If there is any rust build-up, you’ll need to remove it with a solvent prior to lubricating the garage door parts.

Tightening Your Garage Door

One reason your garage door is noisy is the parts are getting loose. We recommend taking a wrench and tightening any loose parts. This is a regular preventative maintenance garage door repair you should do several times per year, ideally once per a season. Pay close attention to the hinges. These tend to rattle loose overtime. You’ll also want to check the tracks and make sure they are straight. Double check the screws that secure the track to make sure they are tracked. Loose tracks can cause your garage door to rattle excessively. They also might cause your garage door to go off track.

Is It Time for a New Garage Door?

Sometimes preventative maintenance only goes so far in addressing a noisy garage door. It could be a sign that your door is just worn out — the parts have become too loose. This is not only an annoying problem — it can also be a safety issue. You might consider installing a brand new door.

Schedule an Inspection

If you are still having problems with a noisy garage door, you might want to schedule an inspection with a garage door repair professional. This is probably a good idea to do on an annual basis. They can not only help you determine why your garage door is loud, but also help to identify potential repair issues before they become serious problems.

Why a Door Off Track Is a Dangerous Situation for Garage Owners

When a garage door is off track, it comes a dangerous hazard that could seriously injure someone or damage property. Why is this? In simple terms, your door is no longer connected to the track and could completely collapse. In many cases, home and business owners will try to “force” the door closed or open. Trying to operate your door while it’s off track often leads to irreversible damage to parts or the door itself. If you notice any signs that your panel is no longer on track, then immediately block off the area surrounding the door and call a technician for help. Repairs for a door in this situation are simple and inexpensive if taken care of right away.