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Garage Door Repair: How to Replace a Roller


RollerA well-maintained garage door can often last you a decade or longer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t also apply to your garage door parts. Chances are, you’ll need to replace things like screws, springs, hinges, and rollers long before you’ll need to buy a new garage door.

If your door has become particularly noisy, then it may be time for a garage door roller replacement. Replacing the rollers on your garage door is a simple task but as with all garage door repairs, a certain level of caution should be exercised.

Jeff Patterson of Home Repair Tutor sums up the safety requirements quite well here. In short, you should raise your garage door all the way up and clamp both sides of the tracks about 2/3rds of the way up. Place a ladder underneath the panel to help support it and disengage the emergency release.  Make sure to also unplug your garage door opener to prevent operation during the repair. It may also be beneficial to have another person watch the door and your surroundings for safety.

To replace the roller, you’ll need to slightly bend the track with a pair of pliers and lift the old rollers off the rail. You can then remove the old rollers and install the new ones before placing them back on the track and reversing the bent rail to secure the new rollers.

Repeat this process for the remaining rollers. Once done, don’t forget to re-engage the emergency release, plug back in the opener, and remove the clamps from the tracks. Try operating the door a few times and make note of any noise or unusual movement. If it works as expected, then you’ve successfully replaced the rollers!


Fix My Garage Door! How to Use the Emergency Release Cord

To fix a garage door, sometimes you need to use the emergency cord to release it from the automatic opener. First, make sure the door is in the down position. Disengaging the cord when your door is still up can be extremely dangerous, especially if your spring is weak or broken. If the door is stuck in an open position, call a professional immediately. Next pull the emergency release cord, usually a red cord that hangs from the door trolley. Then manually move the door to where you want it. When you are ready to re-engage the door, manually move it back to the floor. Pull the emergency cord back towards the door. Start the automatic opener again. The chain should automatically connect.