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Deciding Which Garage Door Installation is Right for You

Common Problems

Are you considering new garage door installation? Once you’ve decided to replace your old garage door, you need to choose which type. There are several varieties that differ according to material, style, function, and price. You’ll also likely want features like insulation if it’s for a garage that’s attached to the house. And getting an old, worn-out door off your garage is also a great excuse to update your garage door opener, too. More on that later.

First, let’s take a look at some of the options you have when designing a new garage door for your home:

The Cost & Nature of Different Materials

The most common garage door materials are vinyl, steel and aluminum. But those aren’t your only choices. Each material has its own pros, cons and cost differences.


Wooden garage doors have a beautiful rustic look you really can’t quite replace, and they’re especially beautiful on carriage house garage doors. Modern wood garage doors often have composite cores, which improves their structure, insulative value, and resistance to warping. 

The downsides to wooden garage doors are that they’re higher maintenance than others, more expensive, are susceptible to rot and pests, and require occasional refinishing. 


Steel garage doors are strong, low-maintenance, durable and affordable. Steel garage doors can be insulated, reduce noise transfer, and can be powder coated in any color. 

The downside to steel is that it can rust and corrode. Steel doors also dent, but non-structural dents can be fixed pretty easily by a professional or on your own. 


Aluminum doors are a nice inexpensive alternative to steel that aren’t as susceptible to rust. They are nice for large doors because they are relatively lightweight, which means you won’t need a souped-up garage door opener. Aluminum can be insulated, painted any color, and you can remove dents with a simple science trick

Aluminum garage doors are cost-effective, too, and can be fabricated in many different styles, so we don’t really have a lot bad to say about them.


Vinyl garage doors are affordable, durable, won’t rust, rot or warp, and they’re also weather and pest-resistant. They’re lightweight and functionally waterproof, and can be made with a texture that mimics wood grain.

The downside to vinyl is that it’s not as customizable as other options, the color can fade with sun damage, and vinyl garage doors are hard to repaint. They also have next-to-zero insulative value on their own.


Fiberglass garage doors are great because fiberglass is crazy strong and doesn’t come with the weaknesses of other materials. There’s no warping, rotting or corroding, and it’s the closest thing to weatherproof you can get. Fiberglass doors are also affordable.

The downside to fiberglass garage doors are that when they break, they break. Fiberglass will also get brittle and yellowed with sun, heat and salt damage.

Considering Door Features & Sizes

Today’s homeowners are paying their garage door more attention than in the past. Well, at least the way it looks; aesthetics are important. In response, the garage door manufacturing market is full of different styles of doors, different window arrangements, custom options, etc. In addition, there are other functional features like insulation you’ve got to take into account, as well as the size and number of garage doors you’re dealing with.

  • Larger doors, and more doors, naturally, are going to cost more. Plus you’ll need to consider weight, infrastructure, and the type/strength of garage door opener(s) you’ll need along with the new door installation(s).
  • Keep the climate in mind. Sacramento’s mild sometimes, but others, not. Insulating your garage door is key to ensuring you keep your home’s climate control consistent and energy-efficient.
  • Garage door windows don’t have to be just one way. Consider a stack of slim windows horizontally on one side of the garage door. Or think about aluminum-and-glass full-view overhead doors, especially if you use your garage for other things like a gym, living space, bedroom, etc.

Talking About Install Cost & ROI

There’s a range of possible costs for any material, type and size of garage door; it varies by your choices, current price ranges, available supplies, custom features – you get it. The average homeowner spends about $1000 switching out their garage door, but it can run anywhere from $200-$5000+, depending. You can get a rough idea of the range you’re looking at when installing a new home garage door:

  • Wooden garage doors can run $2000-$4000.
  • Steel garage doors can cost $800-$3500.
  • Aluminum garage doors run about $1500-$2000.
  • Composite wood doors cost about $1200-$2000.

The thing about replacing your garage door is that the ROI is absolutely unbeatable – basically dollar-for-dollar. So, unless you go out of your way with unnecessary bells and whistles, you can rest assured you’re going to get out 95-99% of what you put into this project

Get a New Garage Door Opener

Replacing your garage door is a great opportunity to get a new garage door opener. There’s a few reasons this added cost and install is worth it:

  • Home security: New garage door openers have smart features that allow you to monitor and control the garage door remotely.
  • Energy efficiency: Remote and streamlined operations, plus an opener made to use less power can reduce your energy bills.
  • Safety and compliance: Since 2019, it’s mandatory in CA to have a garage door opener with a battery backup. This ensures you can’t get stuck in or out of your garage if the power goes out, which can prove life-saving in emergency situations like wildfire evacuations.

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