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How To Fix a Dented Garage Door Panel


Garage Door DentRan into garage door with car? Don’t worry, with a few common household items you can remove that dent in your pretty new garage doors in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

– Compressed air

– Source of heat (lighter, or lamp)

– Bucket

– Soap

– Sponge

– Hose

– Aluminum foil

  1. Fill your bucket with warm water and add a small amount of dish soap. Scrub the dent clean, being sure to remove all traces of dirt and grime. Allow this area to thoroughly dry for at least an hour.
  2. Place a layer of aluminum foil over the dent.
  3. While foil is in place, apply your heat source evenly across the foil.
  4. After about a minute, you can remove the foil. Working quickly, grab your can of  compressed air and hold it upside down. This allows the extremely cold carbon dioxide mixture to come out. Spray the dent for about 30 seconds.

Will I Need to Replace Garage Door Panel?

This intense temperature fluctuation should cause the metal on your garage to return to its previous state. This neat trick will take care of most simple dents. In the event you have a more stubborn dent, you may need to enlist the services of a professional to help out. Garage techs are skilled in removing tricky dents and for many, you won’t need to replace your door.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

Are you wondering about the costs of replacing the spring on a garage door? The answer to this question depends on the type of spring you need. Extension springs are the cheapest, but they do not last long and can cause added wear on your door. We recommend using torsion springs which are safer, more durable, and offer smoother operation. Expect to pay between $100 to $300 for new springs. If you want two high-quality torsion springs, the cost can be higher. Let us know how often you use your garage door and we can help you pick the best spring for your budget.