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Does Your Garage Door Have Battery Backup? Why It’s Necessary


It’s official. If you install a new garage door in Sacramento, or really anywhere in California, you’ll be required to install battery backup. As of July, it’s the law. All new garage doors are required to have battery backup.

The law was sponsored by a state senator after he and his neighbors were unable to access cars in their garages during the wildfire evacuations in 2017. The electricity was out. This can cause a serious problem because not only do you lose a car, but that could be your only way out of the fire. It’s literally a life and death situation.

Battery Backup is a Safety Issue

So the truth is even if your door isn’t new, battery backup is a good idea. Opening the door manually isn’t always possible. If you are older or disabled, you might not be able to lift the door yourself. And consider the heat of some of these fires we’ve had in California. The door itself may be too hot to touch, much less lift!

The Convenience of Battery Backup

And even outside of a life and death situation or an evacuation, battery backup is still a pretty good idea. Electrical outages are pretty common in Sacramento, California. Having power to your garage door during a power outage is just a matter of convenience. It could be the difference in you being late for work. Or if you come home to a dark house at the end of a long day, at least you’ll be able to still operate your garage door.

And if you use your garage door as the entry point to your home, you won’t be locked out during a power outage. Battery backup makes it possible to always enter or exit the garage, whether or not you have power.

Battery Backup During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is a perfect example of why installing battery backup on new or existing garage door openers is a good idea. As a professional garage door repair company, we are considered an essential business. We’ll come out anytime, day or night. And we can take precautions to avoid face-to-face interaction. Nevertheless, limiting any contact is a good idea. With battery backup, you are completely independent. You don’t have to rely on anyone during a crisis. Your garage door stays online during a blackout, natural disaster or other emergency — and you don’t even have to call someone for an emergency garage door repair.

Need Battery Backup?

The good news is we can install a battery backup system. Give us a call. We can send out a crew and give you an estimate on how much it costs. Usually it’s a fairly affordable procedure. And it’s definitely worth it. Not only can this be a life and death safety issue, but it’s also a question of convenience. Why let power outages get in your way? Battery backup ensures your door will always open even during a blackout.

We can install battery backup on your garage door in less than an hour. Batteries can last up to 3 hours. Many are rechargeable. We have a variety of green, energy efficient options to choose from. Call us today!

How to Repair a Garage Door Off Track

Did your garage door come off track? Whatever you do, don’t try to jam it. Not only can you badly insure yourself, but you can seriously damage both the door and the track. Suddenly this fairly inexpensive repair can run you hundreds of dollars in garage door repair or track replacement costs. You can realign it yourself with a rubber mallet and a set of locking pliers. Release the door from the opener. Open the door to the point where the wheels are coming off track. Set the door with locking pliers. Take another pair of pliers and bend the track to allow the door to reconnect. Gently tap the wheels back into place with a rubber mallet. Once the door is back in position, bend the track back into place.