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5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a Second Garage


Have one garage? That’s cute, but two garages are even better. You might not even realize you need a second garage, or even want one, but the truth is it can change your life. Here are 5 reasons why a second garage is the bee’s knees. Even your wife will like it, eventually.

Room for All Your Cars

If you’re like most families, you own at least two cars. And that’s not counting the bikes, sports equipment, lawn mower and maybe a jet ski, quad ATV or 2. It’s easy to fill a garage up. In fact, many people don’t even keep their cars in their garage because they don’t have any room. With a second garage, you can use one to store sports gear and equipment, and another for your cars. Considering the crime rate in Sacramento, keeping your car in the garage at all times is a good idea.

Extra Storage

Most people use their garages for storage — old baby clothes, family heirlooms, Christmas decorations, etc. With a second garage, you not only have room to store everything you need, you also have the room to organize it so you know where to find it. This also gets all the clutter out of your house so you can live cleaner and more efficiently. An extra garage means more room, not just in the garage but the house itself.

Room for DIY Car Repair

Like to fix your own cars, or even just tinker under the hood? An extra garage gives you room to spread out and get dirty. You also have room for automotive tools. And if you like to restore classic and antique cars, a second garage is essential. You can really get into a project without having to put everything away. You have room to be creative and tinker.

Plenty of Rec Space

If you use your garage for recreational space, a second garage gives you more room to do so. You can safely store your vehicles, have extra storage space, and still have room for a TV lounge, bar, man cave, or exercise gym without feeling cramped. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Improve the Value of Your Home

Aside from the enjoyment and extra space you’ll get out of a second garage, the reality is that your home will be worth a lot more. Just installing a new garage door has an amazing return on investment — 99%, virtually dollar for dollar. A double garage is an attractive feature for a home buyer. It can dramatically improve the resale value of your home for all of the reasons we’ve just described.

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One Easy But Amazing Garage Door Dent Repair Trick

Have a dented garage door? The good news is this repair is very DIY and easy to fix. First, clean off the dented area with soap and water. Next, cover it with aluminum foil. Run a lit lighter across the foil to heat it up. Then, spray a can of condensed air over the heated foil, holding the can upright for 30 seconds. (Holding the can upright ensures the carbon dioxide is sprayed correctly). Watch as the dent magically disappears. It’s a trick to amaze the wife and kids, even your neighbors, but it’s not magic. It’s science. The sudden change in temperature causes the metal of the door to pop back into shape. For extra safety, hose off the garage when you’re done to remove any excess carbon dioxide.