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Garage Door Installation: Is It Time to Consider Alternative Garage Door Colors?


Garage Door Installation Is It Time to Consider Alternative Garage Door ColorsYou only live once. And you probably only have one garage door every 20 to 30 years. Like life itself, make it count! Why settle for an ordinary brown or beige garage doors when you’ve got all the colors of the rainbow to choose from? As one of the biggest forward facing features of your house, the garage door pretty much defines your house. Why not light up the neighborhood with a bold splash of color?

Curb Appeal Redefined

We’re not suggesting you throw all caution to the wind in a fancy flight of tacky. Just because you choose to install a new garage door or use a paint that’s not a traditional color means you should throw common sense out the window. You might not have the garage door of an FBI agent, but that doesn’t mean your color choice isn’t tasteful. Choose bold colors, but make sure they match the feel of the rest of the house. It should complement your trim, house paint, and general feel of your home.

But if you do want to move towards the boldness of purple or a bright red, by all means go for it! But you might want to also redo other parts of the house such as the trim and house color, so they complement each other.

You might also consider custom shutters to match your garage door.

What’s the Rest of the Neighborhood Like?

Of course, you might want to consider what the rest of the neighborhood is doing. Do you want to stand out? Are you ready to make waves? But keep in mind you live in Sacramento, California, and it is a California tradition to live on the bold side. If you’re comfortable with it, why not?

Are You Satisfied with Your Garage Door?

Perhaps you’re wondering about the color of the garage door because you really aren’t satisfied with the door overall. Does it look old or rundown? Is the paint peeling? Does it rattle, creak, or wake up the neighborhood? If so, you might consider installing a new garage door. Then you can choose the color you want, whether that be the usual brown, beige or white or something bolder. The choice is up to you.

Resale Value: The Upside to Garage Door Installation

When it comes time to replace your garage door, it’s understandable that you’d rather be spending the money on other things — a family vacation, a new entertainment center, maybe some suped up jet skis. Want to feel better about that money you need to spend? Installing a new garage door has one of the best returns on investment of all home improvement projects. It’s virtually dollar for dollar. That Caribbean cruise? Not so much. And most people only need to replace a garage door once or twice in their lives. It’s money well spent, improves the look and safety of your home as well as its resale value. It might not be the most fun thing to spend money on, but it certainly gives back what you put in.