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Is Your Garage Door Insulated?


Garage Door Insulation - Why It's ImportantIs there any reason why someone would want to insulate a garage? While you might think an insulated garage is a luxury, there’s a good reason why some people choose to install insulation or buy a new garage door.

When it comes to your garage, it’s considered the largest opening of your home. When you have the garage open, it’s like opening many windows in your home. If you don’t have insulation in your garage, then it could lead your home getting hotter or colder, depending on the outside temperature. In fact, it’s not uncommon to for an uninsulated garage to cost you hundreds in home heating and cooling costs.

If you’re tired of costly electric or gas bills, you might want to consider insulating your garage to help keep energy costs down. While you can insulate the floors and ceiling, just keeping the door itself insulated can help tremendously. If you want to insulate your door, there’s two options. First, you could buy DIY insulation at a hardware store, but you’ll need to make sure the door is balanced after installation. Some panels are calibrated to handle a certain weight and additional insulation could cause problems. If notice issues with your garage door after installation, you may need to call a garage door company to help rebalance your panel.

Another option is to install a new garage door with insulation. For example, a triple layer steel garage door or a composite wood panel with an insulative backing can provide a superior level of insulation and can help reduce your energy bill.

Easy Garage Door Opener Repair Tips

The easiest way to fix a garage door opener is to replace the batteries in the remote. You’d be surprised how often we get emergency house calls over nothing less than dead batteries. Put fresh batteries in place. If it still doesn’t work, check the battery contact points in the remote. Is there any corrosion? If that still doesn’t work, check the fuse box. Your opener may have blown a fuse. Check the plastic end of the remote. Is it dirty or scratched? This is where the electronic signal is sent to your opener. Dirty or damaged sensors may affect their performance. You should also check the antenna on the opener and see if it is broke, bent or missing.