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Garage Door Maintenance: Fixing a Broken Hinge


HingeThe hinges on your garage door keep your panel together and help it operate smoothly. Over time, your garage door hinges and brackets may become worn out and require replacement. If you’re interested in DIY garage door repair, hinges aren’t too difficult to replace. But like most repairs, you do need to exercise a certain level of caution. Your garage door is heavy and made up of numerous metal moving parts. You don’t want the door to fall or cut you, so be sure to take it slow.

Your garage door hinges are numbered with a single digit (typically #1, #2, #3, etc.) and should only be replaced with a matching hinge. Do not use different hinges as these could lead to a damaged garage door. Hinges are also rated in gauges, with a higher gauge meaning a thicker and stronger metal. Most hinges only cost a few dollars, with stronger hinges only a dollar or two more. Hinges can be replaced with the door open, closed, or partially raised. If the door is open, make sure to secure the tracks by placing a heavy-duty clamp on both ends of the rail. It is also recommended to shut off your garage door opener to prevent accidental operation during the repair. Make sure that you’re only replacing one hinge at a time.

To replace a hinge, loosen the nuts and bolts, then remove the hinge and roller. You can then install the new hinge and slide the roller back into it. Once you’ve replaced all the hinges, you’ll need to test your garage door and ensure it is properly aligned. Adjustments can be made to the hinges for better alignment but it is often difficult to perform on your own so be sure to bring a friend or call a garage door repairman for assistance.


Storefront Glass Door Repair in Sacramento Area

Has the door or doors on your business seen better days? Over time, a storefront door can take a serious beating from frequent use. In some cases, these problems can be repaired with an inexpensive service calls. In other situations, you may want to invest in a new door. Fortunately, repairing a storefront glass door is often worth it. As most business owners know, first impressions count. If your customers first impression of your business is an old rundown door, it could negatively impact your bottom line. Give us a call today for a free quote or more information on how we can help you get your door looking great again.