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Garage Door Remote Problem #1


Burglars Break In to Steal RemotesHow to protect yourself from garage door remote theft:

It’s something we’ve frequently written about in the past: garage theft. Indeed, there’s no shortage of home and business owners leaving their garage doors wide open and unattended day and night. It’s almost like inviting thieves right on in to steal your precious belongings.

But what about a closed garage door?

As residents in a small Virginia town recently experienced, closed garage doors don’t always stop a burglar either.

Garage Remote Bad Habits

Most homeowners clip their garage door remote to the visor of the car for easy entry into their garage. But with the remote in plain view, thieves can break into your vehicle and use your opener to get inside your garage.

While having a portable garage door opener is a great way to get into your garage easily, we don’t recommend leaving them in your vehicle. Once you’ve opened the door, bring it inside with you. Try treating your remote like your home keys and keep it safe. That way, you reduce the risk of break-ins.

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