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Do-It-Yourself Concrete Garage Floor Repair


Two Fam HouseSo you just had a garage door installation and in the midst of cleaning up, you notice cracking of your garage floor. Don’t panic – it’s normal for concrete to eventually crack. Fortunately, fixing garage floor cracks is a simple DIY task that just about anyone can do.

Here’s what you need to get started.

– broom or wire brush

– water hose

– vacuum

– concrete filling compound (polyurethane or epoxy)

– sealant

– hammer & chisel

Chisel the crack. Using your hammer and chisel, break away any loose edges around the crack. You don’t want the sealant sticking to loose material.

Clean it up. Sweep or brush out the remaining debris. Using you the high-powered nozzle on your hose, spray the crack to remove any remaining oil or dirt.

Fill the crack. Once the area is clean and dry, use your concrete filling compound to fill the crack. Allow the area to cure overnight.

Apply sealant. After the crack has cured, apply a layer of sealant over the top. This will protect the crack from stains and damage.

Deal With The Cracks Sooner, Not Later

By addressing cracks early, you can ensure your garage floor will last many more years to come. Now you can spend more time enjoying your new garage door and less time worrying about cracking.

Garage Door Repair: Determining When Replacement is Necessary

If your garage door stopped working, you might be relieved to hear that an expensive replacement isn’t always needed. Depending on the cause, a quick tune-up may be all you need! If you have a loud door that struggles to open and close, then lubrication and cleaning of important garage door parts may solve the problem. Unless there is actual damage to the parts, we can usually resolve most problems with a few minor repairs. However, if the parts on your door are old, they become more susceptible to recurrent problems. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to just replace them outright. Fortunately, most repairs are very affordable when it comes to garage doors.