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Chain Drives vs Belt Drives: Is One Better than the Other?


When deciding on a new garage door opener, your contractor may ask you if you prefer one that operates on a belt drive or a chain drive. What exactly does that mean? Here are the differences between belt and chain drives:

  • Chain drives operate on a chain pulley that moves gears and other garage door parts with the opener.
  • Belt drives use a reinforced rubberized belt to guide the trolley carriage when the garage door opener is activated.
  • Chain drives are less expensive than belt drives.
  • Most garage door openers come standard with chain drives because they’re so reliable.
  • Belt drives last longer than chain drives.
  • Chain drives can lift and lower more weight than belt drives.
  • Belt drives are the quietest type of garage door opener.
  • Chain drives tend to need occasional adjustments.
  • Belt drives operate more smoothly, and a little faster, than chain drive door openers.

Have one of our professional overhead door installers walk you through the pros and cons of belt vs chain drives when you choose your new garage door opener system. One isn’t necessarily better than the other; the best choice will depend on your budget, type and size of garage door, and preferences.

A Bitesize Guide to Troubleshooting Your Noisy Overhead Door

Is your garage door noisy? Does it sound like it’s knocking around or rubbing every time you try to use it? There are a few common culprits to check. First, check the tracks and the rollers. Is the track bent or gunked up? Are any of the rollers worn or broken? Are the tracks properly affixed to the wall? These are easy fixes you can do yourself. If everything looks good on the tracks, take a look at the cables. Do they need tightened a bit? If these aren’t the issue, check the hinges on the garage door panels – there may be rust or stripped screws that are making the door rickety. Another easy fix.