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Ideas to Transform Your Garage into a Comfortable Living Space


Ideas to Transform Your Garage into a Comfortable Living SpaceMost people use their garage to store tools, old clothes, Christmas decorations, and if they’re lucky to have enough room to also park their car. But the truth is your garage actually has so much more potential. Considering it’s one of the largest “rooms” in your house, that space could actually be repurposed for a more comfortable living area to enjoy summer. Check out these ideas for getting more comfort and enjoyment from your garage.

An Extra Patio

One easy way to get more enjoyment out of your garage is to turn it into a covered patio. Sure, you’ll have to clean up those grease and oil stains and tidy up the place overall, but it can be a very comfortable place to relax. It’s covered in the case of thunderstorms and feels nice and cool in hot weather.

Set up some patio furniture, perhaps a picnic table or ping pong table and enjoy yourself. You could even install a TV, stereo or other entertainment equipment.

It’s also a great place for teens to hang out. They can have their privacy but still be close enough that you have some idea of what they are up to.

Create a Dance/Yoga Studio or Gym

You can also transform the garage space into a dance studio or a great place to do yoga. Add some comfortable mats on the floor to cover the bare concrete. Fill the garage with exercise equipment, a yoga ball or mat. Installing a stereo or speakers that connect to your phone can be a good resource for music.

Lift weights, ride an exercise bike or rowing machine or have a great place to stretch. It’s a handy way of being active in inclement weather and it saves you the price of a gym membership.

Converted Bar

A garage can be a great place for a man (or woman) cave. Build your own bar in the garage and keep it stocked. Put in some bar stools, chairs, and couches. You can even put in a pool table. A stereo or record player is a must. You can also decorate your garage with posters of your favorite beer to give it the feel and look of a bar.

An Office Space

Remote work is becoming all the rage these days. Many companies allow you to work from home at least one day out of the week — some even allow this full time. And even if you don’t work from home, an office can be a great place to organize bills, work on projects, establish a work space that’s distinct from the relaxed comfort of your living space.

Carpeting is key — as is a comfy desk. Make sure to connect the garage door WiFi so you have a connection to the Internet. Installing an insulated garage door is also a good idea so you can comfortably use the space year round. Consider connecting the garage to a heat source as well. We’d also recommend a small fridge, stereo, and maybe even a TV.

Comfort is Key

To transform your garage into a comfortable living space, remember that comfort is key. Make sure your garage door is in good repair. You might even consider installing a new garage door that’s insulated if you plan to use it throughout the year.

Don’t Forget the Floor

To convert your dirty old garage into a comfortable living space, start with the floor. Oil stained concrete floors are no good. There are a variety of comfortable and affordable options that can transform your garage into a relaxation refuge.

Interlocking tiles are affordable and comfortable. They snap together to provide stability, so you don’t technically have to glue them to the floor. You can combine several styles and colors together to create a decorative look. These tiles tend to be soft — perfect if you plan to convert your garage to a yoga studio, exercise gym, or meditative center.

Roll out flooring is easy to install — simply roll it out, cut it to fit the space and you’re done. It’s more difficult to repair and not as relaxing as tiles. But it can make a dirty garage floor more inviting and livable.

Carpet may sound like a crazy idea, but it depends on the carpet you choose and what you’ll be using your garage for. TuffCarpet is specially designed to hold up to the rigors a multipurpose room demands. You can even power-wash it! And because it’s installed in peel-and-stick square tiles, installation is super easy.

Pay attention to such issues as floor, wall decorations, and storage. By using overhead storage, cabinets and bins, you can hide a lot of the mess so you have a tidy and comfortable garage that’s more enjoyable.

How to Replace Your Garage Door Trolley

The trolley, or carriage on your garage door is located on the rail that connects the motor of your opener to your door. An operating arm attaches the carriage to the door, either pushing or pulling the door as the opener works. Because of the repetitive motion, the carrier may need to be replaced every few years or so. You’ll need to disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker to the garage door. Release the carriage by pulling on the overhead cord. Remove the cotter in located in the trolley to disconnect it. Fit in a replacement carriage, but be sure the release cord is on the bottom end. Disengage the carriage by pulling on the cord. Push the carriage back onto the rail and reattach.