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Insulating a Garage? The Benefits of Faced Insulation


Thinking about insulating your garage — not just the garage door, but the actual garage itself?

It’s a good idea, and something worth considering. Like an insulated garage door, an insulated garage helps to control the temperature of not only the garage but the entire home, driving down heating and cooling costs, assuming the garage is attached to the house.

But one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when insulating a garage is whether to use face of unfaced insulation.

What is Faced Insulation?

Faced insulation is insulation that includes a vapor barrier to guard against excessive moisture. The barrier is usually made of Kraft paper — sometimes called a vapor retarder. It faces the inside of a room and prevents moisture from moving from one barrier to another.

When Faced Insulation is Ideal

Anywhere you live that has harsh windows is ideal for faced insulation. Snow, ice and rain can cause mildew problems. Faced insulation helps prevent moisture from getting in and ruining your wall.

If you’re planning on converting your garage door into a living area — a gym, office, or entertainment area, faced insulation is essential. If you are planning to have a more livable garage, is your garage door insulated? This is a good idea, even if you live in a warmer climate like Sacramento because of how much cooler it can make a garage during the hot summers. Installing an insulated garage can dramatically lower your AC bills.

If you live in a hot climate like Sacramento California, faced insulation is also a good idea. It can help prevent mold and mildew.

In fact, your building code may even require it. (Check your local building codes or ask an expert.) Many areas require it because of the potential mold problems if you don’t have it.

Faced insulation is also a good idea if you are putting in first time insulation. Perhaps you’ve liked the warmth and energy protection of an installed insulated garage door and want even more insulation. If you’re already adding insulation over existing insulation, faced insulation isn’t necessary or suggested.

Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

Whether you go for full garage insulation, you really should at the very least consider an insulated garage door — even in a hotter climate like Sacramento, California. You might think you wouldn’t need an insulated garage door when it doesn’t get cold, but keep in mind that insulation keeps the hot out as well as the cold. This can substantially reduce your air conditioning bill.

So if you are considering installing a new garage door, make sure it’s an insulated garage door.

Well-Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Additional Cost

A new garage door can run anywhere from $200 to $4,000 or more, with the average homeowner spending about $1,000. The location and type of garage door is the biggest factor, but there are other important details worth considering. Even in California, a well-insulated door is important. Though it may cost more, it will lead to less money spent on climate control. The savings from spending less on air conditioning can be significant.