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Great Balls of Hail! How to Protect Your Garage Door from Severe Weather


Hail storms in Davis, Folsom or anywhere in Sacramento can be Biblical, especially during the rainy winter season. It can cause devastating damage to roofs, gutters, siding, windows, landscaping, and garage doors. Quarter size hail is not uncommon, and some storms have been known to deal up hail the size of golf balls or even baseballs. It’s no joke.

What’s more, hail storms can appear without warning — minutes after sunny skies. What can you do to protect your garage door? That depends on how much warning you get ahead of time. But if you think quick, you can usually defend your garage door from most storms and protect it from needing expensive garage door repair.

Protecting Your Garage Door from a Hail Storm

It helps to be prepared, especially as serious thunderstorms tend to appear suddenly and viciously in Sacramento, California. Preventative maintenance and preparation is key. That’s why we recommend installing reinforcement struts on your garage door to guard it against high winds and storms. By placing a reinforcement strut on each panel, you anchor the panel for support and increase the integrity of the door. This can greatly minimize damage and the need for garage door repair following a hail storm. It also increases the longevity of your door, even when it comes to everyday use.

Repairing a Garage Door After a Hail Storm

Naturally, you always want to repair a garage door whenever possible, but if the damage is extensive enough, then replacing the garage door outright may be the best option. Some hail storm damage is merely cosmetic. Sometimes your door can suffer structural problems that compromise the integrity of the door. If you have extensive damage in more than 2 panels in your garage door, you may need to replace the garage door with a new one.

The good news is you can install a new garage door that is specially designed to withstand intense storms, including hail and hurricanes.

Does Your Garage Door Need Repair?

If your garage door needs repair following a hail storm or severe thunderstorm, we’d be glad to come out and give you a free consultation. We can help you determine whether or not the garage door is salvageable. We can also suggest the most cost effective approaches to repair.

And if you should need a new garage door, we can help you choose an installation option better fortified to withstand the severe storms of California’s intense winter rains.

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