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Learn How to Stay Cool with Garage Door Insulation


Reduce Energy Costs by Insulating Your Garage Panels

are insulated garage doors worth the costAre you finding your garage unbearable in the blistering hot temperatures of Roseville? If so, consider insulating your garage. Proper insulation helps your garage stay cool and comfortable. Don’t forget that your garage is the largest opening to your home. Large amounts of heat in the garage can also increase the temperature in your home. This means that keeping your garage cool also keeps your home cool.

When choosing to insulate your garage, you have two options. You can either have new garage doors installed or purchase a DIY insulation kit.

For the first option, steel or composite wood doors that are double or tripled layered provide outstanding insulation capabilities that are guaranteed to keep your garage temperatures regulated.

If you’re not quite ready for new doors, a do-it-yourself kit gives you the option of great insulation at an affordable price. Kits come in polystyrene or fiberglass, with the latter providing slightly better insulation. Some kits also come with reflective oil that further increases insulation.

Don’t forget to replace weatherstripping at the bottom of the door and seal gaps in the panel itself.

Garage Door Opener Repair: Resolving a Grinding Noise

If you’ve been startled by a terrible grinding sound when trying to operate your garage door, there’s a good chance your garage door drive gear broke. This is a small plastic gear found within your opener. This is one of the most common part failures in openers. Fortunately, a replacement gear is very cheap. However, the repair can be complicated as it involves dissembling the entire motor and putting it back together with the new gear. You can try to look this up yourself but you may end up frustrated and left with your opener parts all over the place. Give us a call instead and we’ll take of it for you in no time.