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Organizing a Cluttered Garage


5 DIY Repair Tricks to a Dryer GarageYour garage serves many purposes, from storage to sheltering an expensive investment: your car. Yet, only about 30% of Americans actually park their car in the garage; the rest simply don’t have room.

In fact, garage’s frequently become the go-to dumping zone for just about anything. Whether you have piles of unused yard decorations, old equipment, or decade old magazines, it’s time to add “organize the garage” to your Spring cleaning tasks.

Here are some actionable tips to get you started right now:

  • Get Rid Of It.

Do you really need the broken fridge you said you’d fix years ago? How about the pile of clothes in the corner of your garage that no longer fit? Initiate a yard sale and donate belongings that you simply have no use for. Anything that remains, throw it away.

  • Categorize What’s Left

After determining what doesn’t belong in your garage, begin categorizing the remainder. Separate your tools from sports equipment and begin making piles for each group of objects. This’ll help you gauge how much you have and what kind of organizing steps you need to take.

  • Plan It Out

Everything separated? Great. From here, decide how you want to organize everything. There are many options, from shelves and containers, to overhead garage door storage. Don’t forget those large empty garage walls. By installing hooks, you can hang your tools and equipment.

  • Implement

Don’t leave it unfinished on the back burner. Take your plan and actually do it. Get that garage organized so you can get your car in there!

Don’t Forget The Garage Doors

A clean garage is nice, but a broken garage door can sure be a downer after all your hard work. Talk to your local repair company to get it back in working order. If you live in Folsom or adjacent counties in the Sacramento area, give us a ring and we’ll be right on over.

Professional Roseville Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Do you have a broken garage door spring in Roseville? Sacs can help. Our certified technicians have been performing successful repairs throughout sunny Sacramento for years. Our techs are certified, insured, and won’t pressure you into buying services that aren’t needed, unlike certain other companies. Furthermore, all repairs come with a 100% guarantee so you can have peace of mind even after we leave. If you’ve been putting off repair, now’s the best time to get started! We offer flexible 24/7 repairs along with affordable pricing. Call us today at 916-442-7243.