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New Tech Allows Wireless Control of Your Garage Door via Smartphone


Must Have Gadgets for Smart GarageApple HomeKit is an exciting new technology that finally brings to life the idea of smart homes. The technology allows you to wireless control and monitor many different aspects of your home including how many lights are turned on, your home temperature, and what doors are unlocked. Third-party developers have already begun to create interesting accessories that take advantage of the technology.

One such company, Nold Technologies, has developed a device that can universally connect to your garage door opener and allow you to operate the door with your smartphone or tablet.

The app allows you to grant access to specific devices so everyone in your home or business can open the garage if needed. Another interesting feature is the ability to grant time-limited access to other devices. You could theoretically use this to allow one-time entry in your building for a contractor or friend who has a smartphone.

The device will ship this December, with Apple’s HomeKit technology releasing in February 2017.

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