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We Make Walls Go Up & Down: XL Clopay Door Demo


Check out one of our most recent garage door installs – this absolutely huge Clopay high-lift garage door. It’s 18’x16’ with 12’ of lift – so big it’s got its own place in a massive barndominium. Watch this video for a demo and an explanation of how this giant garage door is built:

Wait- What’s a Barndominium?

Great question – it was new to us, too! Let’s call it a gentrified version of living in a barn. A barndominium is a metal frame building made to be used as a living space. It’s basically about getting as open and spacious a floorplan as possible. Plus, the structure is low-cost (about 60% of building costs for a house), energy efficient and low-maintenance. It’s a little bit of a rural warehouse vibe, and it’s the newest trend in alternative living – the total opposite of a tiny home in a shipping container.

One of the reasons this customer wanted such a gigantic overhead door on their barndo (that’s the other barndominium buzz word) is because it’s going to give them endless options on how to use the space. Big pro – you can get pretty much anything through an 18’x16’x12’ opening. That means, should the space be used as a mixed space, there’s easy access for farm equipment via the overhead door.

While this garage-style door is the typical industrial steel slat design, that’s not the only option for a barndominium build. Just like a regular residential garage door, you can choose from different styles, sizes, materials, and mechanisms. Go with black aluminum and glass for a luxurious wall of windows, or carriage-house style for a more rustic look. And another thing that’s the same as your garage door at home – you need an overhead door opener with a battery backup!

Thinking about your own barndo project or another warehouse-style space? Use our Design Your Door feature to get started.

5 Reasons to Install a Garage Door at Your Home

Replacing a garage door is one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make. (1) The ROI on installing a new garage door is over 100% right now. (2) New garage door openers are more secure than in the past. (3) An insulated garage door can improve energy efficiency in the home. (4) Garage door openers with battery backups ensure your family is safe in case of emergencies and power outages. (5) New garage door installations improve the functionality of your garage door with smoother, quieter operation. We could go on and on. As an investment in the convenience of your daily life and the future of your home equity, no question a garage door installation is a great idea.