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Preparing Your Garage for Winter Temperatures


3 Most Common Garage Door Problems In WinterFortunately, it’s not too cold here in Sacramento during winters. But the temperature does drop enough to make things uncomfortable. And if you have a garage door with poor insulation, this cold can seep into your home, resulting in a higher heating bill this winter.

If you don’t have a thick garage panel, this may be a good time for a garage door replacement. Certain types of panels come with varying thicknesses that offer superior insulation. And the extra cost can quickly be made up with the energy bill savings.

But if you’re not quite ready for new garage doors, there are a few affordable steps you can take to keep the cold out this upcoming winter.

The first option, DIY insulation kits, are available at most hardware stores in Rocklin and nearby areas. These kits are made of a Styrofoam or aluminum type material that helps keep temperatures regulated. They can be installed on the garage door interior.

Weatherstripping, a garage door part that is often overlooked, can also be replaced. This is a long rubber strip that runs along the bottom of your door. It helps keep the outside elements out, but it does wear quickly.

Lastly, check for gaps in the garage door. Depending on the location, you can fill gaps with a bulking substance that will help seal the garage.

Don’t Let a Broken Garage Door Spring Ruin Your Day

If you can’t open your garage door, one potential cause is a broken garage spring. You can usually tell pretty easily when it’s broken by simply checking both springs above the garage door panel. If you see any cracks or if it looks split in two, then it’s time for a replacement. However, make sure that you don’t touch or tamper with these springs as they are under heavy tension and are fairly dangerous. Give us a call for a free quote upfront and if you want service we’ll happily send our technicians out to your home or business for prompt repairs.