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Sac’s 24 Hour Locksmith & Garage Door Repair


At Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair we bring you the “First Fix” in the Locksmith & garage door installation/replacement business. After we first fix or unlock your locks or overhead door the chances of it needing more work is slim to none. We come out all day and all night 365 days a year for emergency 24 hour repair and service. Sacramento CA is a big place and for that reason we have many technicians standing by day and night for your call.Give us a call before you attempt to fix it first- we hear a lot of scary costly accidents that a simple phone call could have prevented. Call Us Right Now ! (916) 292-8275



23 thoughts on “Sac’s 24 Hour Locksmith & Garage Door Repair

  1. I just want to say that this is a great locksmith and garage door company. They always answer the phone when I call and they always show up on time. I deal with rental properties all over Sacramento and so I have to have a locksmith and garage door service company on standby all the time because we are responsible for the houses we rent out. When I first met the owner Victor he came or personally to give me a price on a multiple home garage door upgrade and repair which meant a lot to me so I decided to make him my sole locksmith and garage door guy for all my rental properties and my home.

    1. Your Right Nick they did great – Check out what the y did for me below. Sac’s Locksmiths & Garage Door Repair is they best company I’ve work with in a long time and I should know because I work on a lot of rental properties in Sacramento.

  2. I needed my Garage door repaired. I just moved into the Sacramento area and did not know anybody. I called my friend who recommended Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair. This company was completely honest and the best ever!! They had the most efficient technicians who got the job done quick. I am impressed and am a customer for life. Thank you Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair.

  3. Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair in Sacramento asked me to comment on the site with a good or bad review after they came out and did the job for me. I usually do not like to voice for anyone or endorse any company but I had to make an exception when it came to these guys. They came out the same day I called after giving me a ball park price over the phone. When they arrived they looked well put together and the truck was new and clean. They were not dressed in street cloths but in blue collar work cloths that looked fresh and clean. Before any work got started they took about 15 minutes to properly diagnose the garage door and motor and sensors to make sure they get to the bottom of my problem. Then they gave me 3 quotes and 3 different option s for each. They were not pushy at all to try and up-sell me on they higher price but left it completely up to me to decide which package best suited my needs. I of course went with what they recommended which was the middle priced package. I spent about $500 bucks and they waived the $59 service call. My garage door now runs better and quieter than the first day I had it installed 20 years ago. My dog used to go nuts when the garage would open and t would drive my wife nut! Now the dog does not even notice the garage opening at all and I could not be any happier- Thank you again Sac’s Locksmith and garage Door repair! You Rock!

  4. Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair in Sacramento came out to my house in arden oaks and took care of a whole host is issues I was having with the house. I recently bought the house as an investment and of course I had to immediately change the locks after evicting the renters out. Sac’s cam out and did the whole house with new locks and dead bolts for a couple hundred bucks then preceded to take care of the garage doors. first they came in and added a motor to the one car garage door side then made it work because it looked like they used that side for storage so they nailed the garage door shut. I thought that side might need to be replaced but actually Nick came in and told me he will do his best to res=use the door as long as its safe. He did and it worked perfectly. the main garage I then asked them if they could make the garage door quieter since I will be moving in with with my old mother ad she cant stand a lad door. Nick got it running whisper quiet in about 30 minutes . I had to spend a little money but the safety and the reliability of my door is now bar none. I’ve read good things about this company so I will be using them more often on my other investment properties since I saw there work first hand.

  5. I am pleased to say sacs locksmith & garage door repair did an excellent job in fixing the springs on my garage door. They came out and diagnosed the problem 5 minutes and were done in 45 minutes. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my new garage door springs. They also did a free lube and tune which made the door so much quieter and now my dog doesn’t go nuts when my wife comes home. I would recommend the Rio anyone looking for a good cook pay that fixes garage doors for a decent price.i had Puerto Krebs I the past with scummy garage door companies coming out and jacking the price up on me after they promised a other amounts over the phone. Needless to say I kicked there buttstock to the curb and then they showed the true colors and they sped off like a bar out of hell down the street. Thanks again

  6. Thank you Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair for coming out and promptly taking car of all my household issues in the garage and with my locks. I would like to take this opportunity and tell the folks reading this blog that the people at Sac’s are nice and fare.
    I have been taken advantage of many times because I am not a handy person. When Sac;s came out it was because I sent another company away that hit me with a huge upfront cost. This seemed unusual and
    I decided “you know what ? no I can wait and you guys can go on kicking the can down the street cuz mama didn’t raise no fool” So I called around and asked some simple cost question and got a general idea of what the cost would be. When I got Sac’s on the phone the receptionist was so nice and helpful. She even helped me find the guys that came out the first time with the outrageous price and I saw all the complaints they had against there license. They came out to my house in Roseville and took care or all thew garage door repairs and re-keyed my entire 5000 square foot house under 500 bucks!

  7. Thanks for the great garage door service today. Great work ethic! Sacramento has a lot to learn from a company like this.

  8. I am very thankful to Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair. I needed my Garage Door repaired and didn’t know who to call, i hear horror stories everyday of people getting ripped off. My friend recommended this company and i am very glad i went with them. They came out and changed my broken springs for a really great price. The technician that came out was very knowledgeable, he explained what the problem was very thoroughly so i understood what was going on and didn’t feel like i was being ripped off. He got the job done on time as promised and i didn’t pay over what they told me it would cost at the beginning of my service. I am happy and relived to know that their are still good and honest companies out there. Seriously i recommend these guys to everyone i know, Give them a call before you call anyone else.

  9. Thank you Sac’s Garage Door Repair for the repairs today and the great savings! You guys saved me $$ and i am very grateful. Kuddos to the technician that came out, he was very courteous and made m,e feel very comfortable.

  10. We are so happy and proud to be there for our wonderful customers, thank you for the great feedback!

  11. I would like to take a few minutes to thank Sac’s Garage Door Repair for the wonderful work they did on my rental properties, not only was i very pleased with there work but my tenants were also very satisfied with the technicians that came out. The technicians were very professional courteous and they arrived on time as promised!! Sac’s Garage Door Repair Fixed our crashed door on my rental property in Roseville and they changed broken springs on my own home in Rocklin. They charged me a fair honest price, I did not feel like I was taken advantage off because I am a women which most of the time is the case. On top of receiving a great price on my springs, they also came with a 5 year warranty which!!! I could not have had a better experience with my Garage Door Repairs!! Thank you Sac’s Garage Door Repair for the big savings on my repairs. Highly recommend this company!!!

  12. Well I don’t usually leave comments for people but I was so impressed with these guys I had to. I live in Fair oaks and my Garage Door decided to crash on me late one night. I couldn’t get it up or down it was stuck and bent partially off the track. I was terrified it would come crashing down first off all, not to mention it was close to 9 pm on a Friday night. I didn’t want to spend the night with my Garage Door open. So I called Sac’s Garage Door Repair. These guys could not have done a better job. The technician came out and fixed my door which I thought would have to be replaced and would cost me a load of money. He fixed my door it only took him about 2 hours to get the door fully repaired and back to working better then it did when it crashed and fell of the tracks. He also only charged me only $400 which is a great deal (before I called this company I called another guy who quoted me close to $600. Anyway I am really impressed and happy to know that I found a good honest Garage Door repair company that truly cares and will be honest and upfront! Thank you guys~~ Nathon

  13. Hello Sacramento,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Sac’s Garage Door Repair for their work ethic professionalism and honesty. I needed my springs changed on my garage door in Folsom, my door was not going up or down due to the springs being broken. It was a Monday night around 8pm and I called a few companies to see when they would be able to come out and get a idea of what they would charge me. We’ll after about an hour on the phone and outrageous prices in the high $400 and $500, I came across Sac’s Garage Door repair. I was connected to the technician immediately and he have me a better price then everyone else I spoke with. He quoted me 375$ to come out after hours and get my springs changed and also do a safety inspection on my door. The technician that came out was very professional and clear on what needed to be done. He was done in about an hour and a half and we could not have been happier with his work. Our Garage DOor sounded much better the. It did before, he got the door repaired and also got it to be more quiet when going up and down. For anyone looking for a great company with great work ethic these are the guys to call!

  14. I was very impressed with Sac’s Garage Door Repair. I take care of my mother who is 80 years old and still going strong. Well her Garage Door spring broke one day and she was stuck in her Garage which I think was not such a bad thing ( she still thinks its safe for her to drive, everyone disagrees). So I went online did some research and came across this company. The technician came out did an inspection on the door and found a few things wrong with it. He was very professional and could not be more polite. He got my moms springs changed and also did a safety inspection on her door, making sure that everything was safe and good to go. He also gave her a nice senior discount which helped alot. I have had bad experiences with Garage Door Repair company’s in the past but now I am happy to know that there is a good company out there I can rely on and trust!

  15. I give it up to Sac’s Locksmith and Garage Door Repair!! My Garage Door was crashed and i could not open or close it so i was basically screwed. Well I was outside trying to figure out what I was going to do when a technician approached me and asked me if I needed some help with my repairs. Turned out he had just finished a job down the street from me and was heading home when he saw me with my broken door, that’s when he pulled over to see if I needed help. He was able to fix my door on the spot, boy was I relived. He saved me the hassle of having to call around and find someone he came to me. Sac’s Garage Door repair thank you guys for saving me money and for getting my repairs done! Honest, legit and upfront company these guys are highly recommended by me to all my friends and family. I found a company I can trust.

  16. Sac’s Garage Door Repair company is awesome! I needed my springs changed and also needed a new opener they both decided to stop working on me. So I called these guys out on a sunday night and I live all the way out in Auburn, they didn’t charge me any fees for a late appointment or for coming out on a Sunday! The gentlemen that came out was very polite and was honest and upfront. I did not feel like i was being ripped off. Anyway they got the job done for me out the door for $678 with 2 new springs and a new opener installed. I dont remember ever getting a better deal on my Garage Door repairs!! Thank you Sac’s Garage Door Repair!

  17. I needed to take a few minutes to thank Sac’s Garage Door Repair. I was afraid I was going to be ripped off and would have to fork over alot of money for my Garage Door repair, after calling a few company’s and getting quotes in the high $1000’s. Well anyway I went online and searched for a Garage Door Repair Company and came across these guys. I needed my panel replaced after my daughter backed into the door and bent it and my springs also needed to be changed. Well the technician came out and gave me an estimate of $765 to change both of my springs and get my panel changed. I was so relived I was able to save money. They did a great job and most importantly left me feeling happy and satisfied. I can safely and highly recommend Sac’s Garage Door repair to all my family and friends!

  18. Wow, There are a lot of Happy people in Sacramento! Especially the ones who went with Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair. I can totally understand why too; I called Sacs out to my house for service on my garage door after my son hung on the center arm and made the door come off the track. Nick came out after I had 3 other companies look at my door and tell me its a total loss. I did not understand why it was a total loss, I mean it didn’t even have bent panels. So anyway Nick came out and replaced a track, the rollers and set it back on the track and changed me about a third of what a new one would have cost me from those other guys. So now I see why people are very happy on this site about the work. I recommend them to anyone in need of any kind of garage door repair.

  19. Thanks for the great service. We called sac’s locksmith & garage door repair out for a broken spring on our old rental property in lincoln. Much to our amazement they had rental property pricing which were CHEAP! I have used sac’s ever since and I will never go back to those other gouging companies. I trust them to fix all my overhead door problems especially since they also offer a lifetime warranty on all the parts they use which by the way are all made in the USA or Canada which means it’s the best. Thank you Nick.

  20. I want to praise Sac’s Garage Door repair for being an honest upfront company. I needed a new door after my son crashed into the current one we have. I called them to get a price for a new door and their availability. The technician was able to by at my house within the hour which was very impressive. The technician was very honest and professional. I didn’t feel like I was being sold or lied to at the end of everything I am very happy with my door and the price. For anyone looking for an honest awesome company these guys are the ones to call.

  21. On a Saturday after my garage door spring broke I attempted to call some local repair companies (most were unavailable during the weekends) I came upon Sac’s Garage Door Repair and within an hour of calling a technician, Nick, came out to our my home and repaired a broken spring on our garage door. Nick was very professional and clearly explained what he was going to do and recommended some improvement to reduce noise and extend the life of the garage door motor. Upon his recommendation the old plastic garage door rollers were upgraded to a nylon type and now all is working great and the extra quiet. You are the best Nick.

  22. Hi my name is Maggie and I had nick come out to change my garagw door springs. He quoted me over the phone a very cheap price compared to what some other guys qouted me when they came out. I was told by numerous companies that they could not give me a price for a simple spring but when I talked to nick he told me that that is just simply a sales tactic they use to rip you off. I was not about to be ripped off so I kicked them out of my garage and called around until I found a local guy willing to give me a price over the phone. That was nick at Sac’s Locksmith & Garage Door Repair in Sacramento. I have recommended him to several people already and they have told me that he gave them the same price and did the same quality of work. Nick is also very thoughtful to send me a thank you card for the recommendations with a Starbucks gift card inside. Anyway I can’t say enough. Thanks Nick.

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