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Save Money with an Energy Efficient Garage Door


Buying a New Garage Door - What Material Is BestIf you’re one of the many residents of Rocklin that dread opening their energy bill in the hot summer months, then an energy efficient garage door might be just what you need to help keep costs down.

When homeowners think of ways to reduce costs, replacing their overhead garage door is probably not one of their first thoughts. The truth of the matter is that your garage serves as the largest opening in your entire home. Having a garage that isn’t properly insulated is equivalent to leaving your home windows open day and night!

Cracks, gaps, and lack of insulation all directly impact your home’s temperature and make your AC work that much harder to keep your home cool. Business owners with multiple garages can also have tremendous energy costs if the doors aren’t insulated.

Measuring Your Garage’s Thermal Resistance

So how do you know if your door is equipped to keep out the heat? Start with checking its R-value.

Garage door R-value is a measure of the doors thermal resistance and can usually be found within your doors manufacturer specifications. In simple terms, higher R-value indicates better insulating capabilities.

Besides the doors inherent insulating qualities, you can also choose to install DIY insulation using polystyrene or polyethylene with aluminum backing. Insulation kits can be found in hardware stores and offer an affordable way to easily insulate a door.

Garage doors should also have weatherstripping which is a plastic strip that runs along the base of the door and helps seal the garage from outside elements.

Other areas of opportunity include cracks and gaps around the edges of the garage panel. These spots can be filled with a sealant to keep air out. If you’re using thinner panels like vinyl, then you may want to check into installing new garage doors.

By investing a little time and money into making your garage energy efficient, you can enjoy a cooler home and reduced energy costs year-round.

How to Pick the Right Garage Door Opener

There’s a lot of different openers available for garage doors so it’s normal to be a little confused when trying to decide which one’s best for you. In simple terms, there are 3 types of openers to pick from: chain drives, belt drives, and screw drives. Garage door chain drives are typically the most affordable but may be the noisiest. Belt drives offer smooth operation at a slightly higher cost but they may have difficulty lifting heavier doors. Screw drives offer smooth and fast operation but are the most expensive and are slightly noisy.