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Should You Repair Your Garage Door or Consider Outright Replacement?


Garage Door Won't OpenA little denting or scratching on a garage door is one thing. You might be able to overlook some minimal wear, or you might solve the issue with a new coat of paint. Bad dents, deep scratches, serious wind damage or damage from being in contact with a vehicle, however, might require garage door replacement. A new garage door can greatly improve the aesthetics and market value of a home.

Consider Replacing Only One Panel

If the damage is only limited to one panel and not the entire door, you might be able to get away with replacing only that panel. It’s something you don’t want to put off, as weakness in one section can compromise the entire door.

Simple Adjustments for Stuck or Slow Garage Doors

If the door runs slowly or gets stuck on either side, you likely only have a simple repair issue. It will require replacing some parts and perhaps some adjustment, but you won’t need to pay for a brand new door. You might also consider resetting and adjusting the switch on the motor casing assembly, especially when transitioning into a new weather season.

Professional Garage Door Opener Repair in Citrus Heights

Automatic garage openers are a great amenity for both home and business owners. After all, who wants to deal with manually opening their garage in the morning before work? What a drag! It’s for this reason that when our garage door opener won’t work that we realize how much a convenience it really is. Fortunately, there’s no need to struggle with opening the door on your own every day. Call us to schedule an inspection and we’ll send over one of our highly-skilled technicians who will get your door working in no time.