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Stunning Garage Door Imagery


Buying a New Garage Door - What Material Is BestMaybe your garage door isn’t broken, but is it boring? Banged up? Scratched? If your garage door isn’t pleasing to the eye, it turns out that there are a whole slew of amazing artistic options for garage door decoration. One couple in North Carolina covered their garage door in their favorite sports team—the Panthers! Another company provides optical illusions that transform garage doors into engaging scenes that appear real.

Professional wrap jobs aren’t the only options, however. There are all sorts of garages that have been beautifully and creatively painted to express the unique personality of the owner. What’s the most interesting garage door art you have come across?

Annual Garage Door Maintenance Can Prevent Costly Breakdowns

One of the leading causes of mechanical garage door failure is the lack of preventative maintenance performed on the door and its parts. Annual maintenance involves proper cleaning and lubrication, along with door adjustments and safety checks. In addition, the garage panel should be wiped clean and refinished depending on the material. When home and business owners neglect to maintain the door, breakdowns can and do occur. Spring and panel replacements account for some of the most costly repairs on garage doors. Don’t let this happen to you – contact our local Sacramento repair company for a garage door tune-up today.