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Surprising Garage Door Maintenance Statistics Show Safety Concern


StatsA new study on garage door maintenance has recently revealed a shocking revelation: nearly 82% of homeowners aren’t caring for their garage doors properly.

Over half of the homeowners who took the poll reported that they have never had a garage door opener safety check and over 25% of surveyed garage owners have never lubricated the parts on their door.

A complete garage door system does cost a bit of money. Most people take care of expensive appliances or new gadgets but it seems the garage door is often neglected.

What if just a few minutes of your time every year could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Would it be worth it? If so, consider performing a garage door inspection a few times a year.

Many of the repairs we perform are for problems that could have been prevented if proper care was taken. One of the most common repairs are broken garage door springs that can cost a few hundred dollars or more to replace. Springs can last ten years or more depending on their quality but lack of lubrication can reduce their lifespan to 5 years or less.

And costly breakdowns aren’t the only concern for homeowners who neglect their garage door – there’s also a safety issue.

Garage Door Safety and Why You Should Perform Inspections

While it may not seem like it, a garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds. If it were to come crashing down on you or another person, it could lead to a serious injury. If you’re not sure how to safety inspect your garage door, then contact a repair company for assistance. Inspections are very affordable and can catch potential problems before they occur.


Garage Door Off Track: A Potential Hazard

Is your garage off track? If so, you should seek help immediately. While the door being off track isn’t a major problem by itself, it could lead to an even worse situation: a collapsed garage door. When the door is off it’s track, there’s a risk of it completely falling. This could lead to permanent damage to the door. And, because your door likely weighs a few hundred pounds, it’s simply not safe to leave it as is. If you noticed your door looking like it’s misaligned or crooked, give us a call to schedule emergency service today.